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A Planet-Like Extraordinary Space, milkplanet

“Maid Cafe & Bar milkplanet -akihabara-” is operated by the planet group, which has locations in Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka. The cafe features numerous active idols and trainees, ensuring high-quality service. The uniforms, with their large ribbons, add a unique charm not found in other maid cafes.

Interior Design Like a Starry Sky with White and Light Blue Accents

The interior of “Maid Cafe & Bar milkplanet -akihabara-” is characterized by a modern and sophisticated design. The decor, based on white and light blue, creates a clean and open space. The white bar counter with its smooth surface, paired with silver bar stools, exudes an elegant atmosphere.

A large monitor above the counter enhances the ambiance with various visuals. The lighting features crystal chandeliers, adding a touch of elegance to the refined space.

This interior design offers guests a comfortable experience, providing a high level of service and ensuring a delightful time for all visitors. The modern yet warm design elements combine to create a special atmosphere for guests to enjoy.

Although the cafe has only 14 seats, the small size creates a cozy and intimate environment, allowing close interaction with the cast members.

Charming Idol Maids and Their Diverse Costumes

The cast of “Maid Cafe & Bar milkplanet -akihabara-” captivates guests with their adorable and unique costumes. The uniforms come in two main colors: pastel pink and light blue, each presenting a different kind of cuteness. Both colors feature large ribbons on the chest, complemented by a clean white apron that sharpens the overall look.

Additionally, the white headbands add a simple yet refined touch, further enhancing the cast’s cuteness. The flared skirts are designed for ease of movement, allowing the cast to engage actively with guests.

These costumes provide a dream-like experience for visitors, deepening the cafe’s fantastical atmosphere. The visual appeal of the cast’s outfits is an integral part of milkplanet’s service, with special attention given to every detail.

Clear Pricing and Extensive Menu

The pricing system varies by time of day, with extensive drink and food menus. For example, the all-you-can-drink pricing is 2,000 yen from open until 19:59, 3,200 yen from 20:00 to 22:59, and 3,500 yen from 23:00 until last call. Guests can enjoy beer, cocktails, and more. Additional options like cheki (instant photos) and karaoke requests are also available, offering unique experiences.

Special Moments at milkplanet

“Maid Cafe & Bar milkplanet -akihabara-” is popular for its unique concept and high quality. With charming cast members, an extensive menu, and a comfortable space, it offers a fun time for all visitors. Be sure to stop by when you visit Akihabara.

Store Information

Store NameMaid Cafe & Bar milkplanet -akihabara-
Address6F FT Building, 3-16-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access3 minutes walk from Suehirocho Station, 5 minutes walk from Akihabara Station
Business HoursWeekdays 16:00-23:00, Weekends and Holidays 13:00-23:00
ClosedOpen all year round
Seating14 seats
BudgetApproximately 3,000 yen
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