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Do you know about the elegant yet reasonably priced authentic “Milk Cafe” in Nihombashi?


I know! You can use it as a regular cafe too

Even people who don’t like maid cafes can casually go there!


That’s right! At regular cafes you’d have to pay an entry fee for maid cafe services

But here you don’t, so you can really casually come in as a cafe!


An elegant and authentic concept cafe sounds appealing! Let’s go check it out soon!

Enjoy Elegant and Carefully Crafted Cuisine

The long-established maid cafe and bar “Milkcafe” from the Kansai region is about to celebrate its 14th anniversary. To mark this milestone, the cafe has undergone a renewal, transforming into a space with fresh new charms.

The renewed interior features a retro-futuristic design with white brick walls and remodeled pre-war antique furniture. In this unique atmosphere, a curated selection of drinks from around the world awaits to welcome us. “Milkcafe” is not just a maid cafe, but a place offering multifaceted charms that transcend the concept.

The highlight of “Milkcafe” is its delicious food and drinks. While maid cafes may have a specific concept image, here you can enjoy a step above with authentic, full-fledged cuisine. They also offer a wide range of alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.
Prioritizing delicious food, tea, and drinks, their dedication allows you to enjoy your time with peace of mind. They provide quality and quantity on par with regular restaurants at reasonable prices, which is a major draw.

Retro-Futuristic Interior with Attention to Detail

The interior design and equipment at “Milkcafe” are worth seeing. The painstakingly detailed retro decor, incorporating steampunk, industrial, and cyberpunk elements, uses all genuine items. The cafe features machines imported from overseas and meticulously restored, making the interior alone worth a visit. Simply admiring these fixtures and equipment can provide ample enjoyment.

The interior features a retro-futuristic design with white brick and remodeled pre-war antiques. The bar area lined with carefully selected drinks from around the world exudes an adult hideaway atmosphere. Not only do they provide delicious food and drinks, but they also meticulously craft the ambiance.

Spend an Elegant Time with Refined Maids

The maid uniforms prioritize elegance with minimal exposure. As a result, half of the customers are women using it as a regular restaurant. Despite being a maid cafe, this stylish establishment has been featured in various media outlets.

One of “Milkcafe’s” charms is the absence of forced energy or excessive service. The natural and friendly maids set it apart from typical maid cafes. You can relax in the refined yet homely space.

The delicious food and drinks served in the relaxed atmosphere are particularly popular with female and adult customers. It’s an ideal spot for friends, couples, or enjoying time alone. People of all ages and genders appreciate this cafe.

With its renewal, “Milkcafe” has become even more appealing. It will surely continue to be loved by many customers. Be sure to experience a special time in the new interior.

Pricing System

As it’s usable as both a cafe and dining establishment,
there are no entry fees or table charges.


Raw ham sashimi ¥700
Raw ham salad ¥1,000
Karaage ¥800
Sausage ¥700

Japanese beef tataki donburi ¥1200
Japanese beef tataki donburi yukke style ¥1,300
Seared shime saba saba donburi ¥850
Beef tendon curry ¥900
Pizza with cured ham and tender egg ¥1600
Teriyaki chicken pizza ¥1500
Jerk chicken $1200
Pizza with cured ham and tender egg ¥1600

Scones ¥650
French toast ¥1200
Creme brulee ¥650
Gateau chocolate ¥650

Store Information

Store NameMilk Cafe
Address1F Morioka Building, 5-12-3 Nihombashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
Access10 min walk from Midosuji Namba Station
8 min walk from Kintetsu Nihombashi Station
Show Access Map
HoursMon-Fri: 6pm-1am
Sat: 3pm-1am
Sun/Holidays: 3pm-11pm
ClosedOpen Year-Round
PriceFrom 1500 yen
PaymentCredit Cards Accepted
Seating45 seats (9 counter, 10 table)
Group Usage
Official Website
Official SNSX

It was so elegant and the interior had such amazing attention to detail and was so stylish! The perfect space!

I felt like I got to experience how a noble lady would spend her tea time!


It’s easy to see why it’s so beloved by many – it’s authentic and elegant yet reasonably priced.

You can use it for relaxed reading or spend an elegant time, and since it operates as a bar at night too, you can use it however suits your mood!

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