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Do you know the place called “Royal Melt” in Shinjuku, Kabukicho?


Yeah, I know! It’s a concept cafe called “Roimero,” right?

I’ve heard that it has a theme of elegance and cuteness, but have you been there before?


I haven’t been there yet. But I’m interested in it. I wonder what kind of atmosphere it has?


The interior is said to be super luxurious and cute. The decor is designed by famous designers and illustrators, so you can feel the attention to detail everywhere! Let’s go check it out!

Over 80 Cast Members

“Royal Melt,” nicknamed “Roimero,” located in Shinjuku Kabukicho, is a concept cafe known for its glamour and high-end atmosphere. With over 80 cast members, including famous influencers and current/former idols, this cafe boasts a concept that blends elegance and cuteness, claiming to have the strongest “face ranking” (looks ranking) in Kabukicho. A visit here is sure to captivate you with its undeniable charm.

Major Renewal Opening in March 2023!

Since its grand opening in Shinjuku Kabukicho in December 2021, Roimero has created numerous episodes. In March 2023, it underwent a significant renewal, evolving to a new stage. This renewal added cafe and lounge functions, transforming it into an even more attractive space.

After the renewal, Roimero boasts an even more luxurious interior and enhanced entertainment elements, ensuring that visitors will never get bored. The newly introduced guest shift events and performances by influencers as regular cast members provide new surprises and excitement with every visit.

Theme-Based Interior Design

Roimero’s interior is designed with meticulous attention to detail, befitting a large street-level store exceeding 20 tsubo (approx. 66 square meters), with a theme of elegance and cuteness. Through collaborations with famous designers and illustrators, everything from the interior design, logo, and costumes exudes a one-of-a-kind special atmosphere. This unique style provides visitors with a special experience, creating a space they’ll want to visit time and again.

All the cast members are influencers or former idols, renowned for their beauty and individuality in the Shinjuku area. With the likes of producer Hoshinomiya Tenshi, Usagi-san, and Tenshimomo-san, numerous famous idols are among the cast, offering new charms to discover with every visit. Spending time with these cast members is sure to create special memories.

At Roimero, visitors can enjoy not only interactions with the cast but also various entertainment elements. From original games and alcoholic beverages to 20 varieties of food menus created by partner chefs, there’s a diverse range of enjoyments. Additionally, a prize gachapon machine with 30 types of goods is available, offering new discoveries and fun with every visit.

Produced by Hoshinomiya Sena

This concept cafe, produced by Hoshinomiya Sena, combines elegance and cuteness, captivating many fans. Offering a different experience with each visit, this place can truly be called “the ultimate surprise.” Standing out even among Kabukicho, Roimero will continue to enchant people with its unique world view and meticulously crafted space.

When visiting Shinjuku Kabukicho, be sure to stop by Roimero. The dazzling interior and beautiful cast members will invite you to a special time. Indulge in a special moment at this fusion of elegance and cuteness. Roimero promises an experience that will exceed your expectations.

Pricing System

Charge: 900 yen/1h + One drink
All-you-can-drink: 2,400 yen/1h (charge included)
(Sofa VIP seats: charge + 500 yen)

All-you-can-drink: 3,800 yen/1h (charge included)
(Sofa VIP seats: service charge + 5%)

One order system (Non-alcoholic drinks 700 yen, alcoholic drinks 800 yen)
VIP sofa seats available, all-you-can-drink available.
*Tax and service charge 25%, 5% off for cash payments

Store Information

Store NameRoyal Melt
Address101 Ishikawa Building, 2-19-17 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station
Show Access Map
Business Hours19:00 – 25:00
HolidaysOpen year-round
PricingFrom 3,000 yen
Payment MethodsCredit cards accepted
Seating Capacity35 seats
Group UseAvailable
Official Website
Official SNSTwitter


The atmosphere inside was truly luxurious and cute. You could feel the attention to detail, and I never got bored of looking around.


I won a cute keychain from the prize gachapon. There are 30 types in total, so I want to go back and try to get a different one.

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