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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

Maidreamin is one of Japan’s leading maid cafes, offering special events and a rich menu. Receive benefits through the official app and join the official fan club for even more enjoyment—be sure to check out the official website!

▼Mr. Ballpen’s soliloquy

Japan’s top maid cafe! Beginners should definitely visit!

A Kingdom of Dreams with Maids Welcoming You!

As the doors open, waitresses greet visitors with bright smiles. First-time visitors will receive a ‘Waitress Passport’ unique to our shop. This passport is packed with fun ways to enjoy the shop and special benefits, so don’t miss it.
Also, find your own unique nickname in this special place and have a fun time!

Special Events Held!

Whether you are a first-time or a regular visitor, several times a year, official events are held so that everyone can enjoy. At these events, special experiences different from regular operations are provided, including debuts of concept costumes and special services. Events offer unique attractions.

Unlike normal operations, a special schedule is prepared for the day, so please check the official website and Twitter for event information and be sure to check the start times!
It’s a great opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Feel free to join!

Incredible Dedication to Live Performances!

At Maidreamin, entertaining live performances by the maids occur every two hours.
Enjoy maid stage performances featuring colorful costumes and cute dances set to everyone’s favorite songs.
Experience the special atmosphere up close—a rare opportunity.

【Introduction to the Selfish Live Set】
This menu is available for all guests!
Even if it’s not time for a live performance, you can watch it by ordering this set!!

【Introduction to the Can Badges】
Some of the shop’s maids wear can badges.
They are idol maids capable of performing live, so feel free to make a request!!
Moreover, all the cast of Maidreamin can perform “Otagei,” which is also a sight to behold♪

Maids capable of live performancesMaids with a repertoire of over 10 songs

Incredible Attention to the Menu!!

Every menu item at Maidreamin is packed with a dedication to quality ingredients and a passion for deliciousness! Our dishes provide a warm, comforting experience as if you were at home, complete with special ingredients and meticulous care.

Even the water you drink is specially chosen, with “π Water Plus” purifiers installed!

The ingredients used in our dishes are outstanding, including 100% Arabica coffee and fresh vegetables that fill the cafe. Our pride and joy are the original demi-glace sauce and the Kumatan hamburger.
Both are crafted with an uncompromising commitment to quality, and they have earned high praise from our customers.
All dishes are cooked to order, ensuring that every meal served is of the highest quality.

At Maidreamin, some of our locations feature “Perfect Black Label” by Sapporo, having passed rigorous testing!
You can enjoy creamier and richer tasting draft beer here than at many other pubs!

The staff here always strive to maintain the quality of our food. Every order is managed meticulously, and teamwork is essential in providing freshness and deliciousness. They put their hearts into ensuring that every guest can relax and enjoy their meal.

◆ Plain Omelet Rice ¥1,265
◆ Demi-Glace Sauce Omelet Rice ¥1,430
◆ Mentaiko Sauce Omelet Rice ¥1,430
◆ Curry Sauce Omelet Rice ¥1,430
◆ Tomato Chili Sauce Omelet Rice ¥1,430
◆ Twins Kumatan Omelet Rice ¥1,980
◆ Kumatan Burger ¥1,430
◆ Kumatan Curry ¥1,430
◆ Chikotan Curry ¥1,430
◆ Meat Sauce ¥1,430
◆ Carbonara ¥1,430
◆ Arrabiata ¥1,430

◆ Sausage Assortment ¥935
◆ Teppanyaki Noodles ¥770
◆ Teppanyaki Dumplings ¥605
◆ Caesar Salad ¥770
◆ Torakara ¥825
◆ Takoyaki / Russian Takoyaki ¥770
◆ Fried Octopus ¥660
◆ Fried Potatoes ¥660
◆ Smashed Cucumber ¥605
◆ Edamame ¥605
◆ Potato Chips ¥605
◆ MIX Nuts ¥605
◆ Octopus with Ponzu ¥660
◆ Addictive Cabbage ¥605
◆ Torakara ¥825
◆ Tarutora ¥935

◆ Bunny Parfait in the Forest Shade (Strawberry) ¥950
◆ Legendary Kumatan Parfait (Chocolate) ¥950
◆ Justice Doggy Parfait (Tea, Vanilla) ¥950
◆ Dreaming Kitty Parfait (Vanilla) ¥950
◆ Healing Panda Parfait (Matcha, Vanilla) ¥950
◆ Pancakes (Milk/Cocoa/Matcha) ¥1,210

◆LOVE Cocktail Dreamin Alcohol ¥1,320
◆LOVE Cocktail Dreamin Non-Alcohol ¥1,320
◆LOVE Dreamin Float ¥1,100
◆Cappuccino with Latte Art (HOT) ¥780
◆Cafe Latte (Ice/Hot) ¥780
◆Cafe Mocha (Ice/Hot) ¥780
◆Matcha Latte (Ice/Hot) ¥670
◆Iced Coffee ¥670
◆Hot Coffee ¥670
◆Cola ¥670
◆Melon Soda ¥670
◆Ginger Ale ¥670
◆Orange Juice ¥670
◆Apple Juice ¥670
◆Grapefruit Juice ¥670
◆White Water ¥670
◆Oolong Tea ¥670
◆Iced Tea ¥670
◆Hot Tea ¥670
◆Iced Milk Tea ¥670
◆Hot Milk Tea ¥670
◆Iced Cocoa ¥670
◆Hot Cocoa ¥670

◆Draft Beer ¥858
◆Large Draft Beer ¥1,320
◆Non-Alcoholic Beer ¥858
◆Freshly Squeezed Dreamin Sour ¥935
◆Angel’s Highball ¥825
◆Devil’s Beer Cocktail ¥858
◆Corona ¥880
◆Whiskey ¥825
◆Shochu (Kurokirishima & Tantakatan) ¥770
◆Plum Wine ¥825
◆Sake ¥770
◆Glass Wine Red & White ¥825
◆Various Sours ¥825
◆Various Cocktails ¥880

Maidreamin Hyper

For the adults, we offer a special maid service with an all-you-can-drink plan!

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: ¥3,600
*Visitors after 22:30 will be offered a one-drink plan for ¥2,200 (tax included).

▼Just a little drink
Duration: 1 hour
Price: One drink for ¥2,200

▼Special offer for entry before 21:30!!!
Duration: From entry until 23:00
Price: ¥5,800

The offer is available from Monday to Saturday, from 20:00 to 23:00
No service charge or table charge.

From 20:00 at Maidreamin, our powerful maid cast will greet you and deliver smiles and energy! Enjoy “Maidreamin Hyper,” a fun time shared with the maid cast and everyone together.

Banquet & Party Plans

We also offer comprehensive banquet and party plans! Maidreamin has various plans available! Group bookings and exclusive hires are possible, so please feel free to use them.

Popular among the party plans is the “Food & All-You-Can-Drink & Moe Rising Set”.
Enjoy special services from Moe Rising along with food and all-you-can-drink options. We also offer “Food & All-You-Can-Drink Sets” and “All-You-Can-Drink & Moe Rising Sets” to suit your preferences. There is also an “All-You-Can-Drink” plan available for you to enjoy after work.

For special occasions, the “Birthday Plan” is highly recommended.
Why not celebrate a loved one’s birthday at Maidreamin? It’s sure to provide a luxurious experience that can’t be found elsewhere!

The “Exclusive Rental Plan” is perfect for important events and parties!
Enjoy memorable moments in a private space!

Book through the Official Website!

Reservations for Maidreamin and Maidreamin Hyper can be made at all our locations!
If you plan to book in advance, please make your reservation through the official website!
Note that same-day reservations may not be accepted, so you might want to visit the store directly if you haven’t booked.♪

“Official App”

Did you know Maidreamin has an official app?
The app offers various services and coupons that can be used in the store, depending on your level as a new member!

▼New Member Benefits on the App
LV1 A Tale’s Beginning: First Entry Ceremony, Coupon for Commemorative Photo (Digital Photo)
LV2 Lord of the Kingdom: Second Entry Ceremony, Coupon for LOVE Cocktail
LV3 Dear Master: Third Entry Ceremony, Coupon for LIVE
LV4 Beloved Master: Fourth Entry Ceremony

In addition, you can check maid cast information and profiles, read their blogs, watch exclusive videos, and participate in major events, so be sure to download it!!

There is also a stamp card system, so it might be more beneficial to download the app before visiting the store?!

【Rank Up System】
VIP Rank Benefits:
●Benefit 1 – Entry Fee Discount:
・VIP members can enjoy discounted rates.
    VIP/HERO Rank: 1 hour from ¥880 to ¥660
    LEGEND Rank: 1 hour from ¥880 to ¥550
    EMPEROR Rank: 1 hour from ¥880 to ¥440
    STELLAR Rank: 1 hour from ¥880 to ¥330
    GOD Rank: 1 hour from ¥880 to Free

・Discounted rates for Maidreamin HYPER:
    1 hour ¥3,600 → 1 hour ¥2,200

●Benefit 2 – Cheki & Digital Photo Discount:
・Cheki and digital photos available at a discounted price.
    Regular price ¥880 → ¥660

【Application for VIP Rank Card】
VIP Rank is updated every six months!
You can apply for the card via a dedicated page in the Maidreamin app during the specified period! Updates occur at the following two times:

  1. The first update opportunity:
    • Application period: Beginning of March to end of March
    • VIP Rank Card validity period: From card receipt until October 31st
    • Shipping period: Sequentially shipped by April 30th
  2. The second update opportunity: VIP Rank Card certification period: March 1st to end of August
    • Application period: Beginning of September to end of September
    • VIP Rank Card validity period: From card receipt until the following year April 30th
    • Shipping period: Sequentially shipped by October 30th

“Official Fan Club”

The members-only official club “Maidreamin GO” uses Facebook’s private group feature for pre-registered members!

By joining Maidreamin GO, you can:
・Organize and view essential information for masters and mistresses
・Meet Maidreamin enthusiasts anytime
・Find new friends with similar interests through Maidreamin
・Collaborate with others to create more enjoyable experiences through Maidreamin
・Experience extraordinary emotions by observing the cast members who create a real-life dreamland up close

▼Member Benefits
① Manager’s Debate Live Stream
② Fan Interaction Bulletin Board
③ Greetings from Promoted Cast / Secret Code
④ Exclusive Introduction Videos of New Cast
⑤ Check the Cast’s Serving Shifts up to 8 days in advance “by hour”
⑥ Real-time checks of each cast’s live list and the live schedules of each store
⑦ Free participation in “LiveNEWS [S]+”
⑧ Issue of Annual Members-only Membership Card

Maidreamin Takes Flight Globally!

In addition to the Shibuya SHIBUYA location we introduced, there are 20 stores in the group! And what’s more, our stores have expanded globally and are thriving internationally.

Sapporo Tanukikoji Store
Akihabara Main Store
Akihabara Secret Base
Akihabara Idol Street Store
Akihabara Electric Town Gate Store
Akihabara Central Street Store
Akihabara LIVE RESTAURANT Heaven’s Gate
Akihabara Sotokanda First Street Store
Shinjuku East Entrance Store
Nagoya Osu Maneki-Neko Mae Store
Nagoya Osu Red Gate Street Store
Nagoya Thank You Osu Store
Osaka Namba Store
Osaka Nipponbashi Otaku Road Store
Kokura AruAru City Store
Fukuoka Tenjin West Street Store
▼Thailand (Bangkok)
Thailand MBK Store
Thailand Flagship Store
Thailand Future Park Store

Store Information

Address30-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042, Horaiya Building B1
TEL▼For media inquiries and job applications:

▼For inquiries about services or products:
WEBOfficial Site
SNSInstagram Twitter Facebook Youtube
Business Hours11:30~23:00  
Open daily
Total Seats50 seats
Amenities & ServicesNon-smoking throughout / Smoking area available
Power outlets available
Large TV monitors
Mobile charging available
Free WiFi spot
Accepts VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, Diners,
PAYPAY, LINE Pay, au Pay, Rakuten Pay, UnionPay
Pricing Information¥880 per hour / per order
Extension ¥880 / per order
During HYPER event: ¥3,600 per hour all-you-can-drink
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