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A Secret Base Where You Can Meet Aliens

Akiba Connect is an “unidentified” concept café located in Akihabara. It stands out with its unique concept centered around aliens. Known for its top-class cost performance and clear pricing, it offers a new meeting place for those tired of human relationships.

Inside the café, charming “alien” cast members, who exude a non-human cuteness, welcome guests. While many cafés are themed around space and the starry sky, it is rare to find one centered on aliens, providing a unique experience. Akiba Connect allows visitors to explore a new world of “moe” through interactions with extraterrestrial beings.

A Cozy Space with a Starry Sky

The interior of Akiba Connect is designed for comfort. The space is neither too large nor too small, ensuring that guests can relax comfortably. The ceiling is adorned with starry decorations, creating an atmosphere as if you are in outer space.

The seating options include counter seats and table seats, allowing guests to choose based on their preferences and the occasion. The subdued lighting and space-themed décor provide a special space away from everyday life. In this secret base-like setting, you can spend delightful moments with the alien cast members.

An Extraterrestrial Experience with Alien Cast Members

The cast of Akiba Connect, dressed in original maid costumes, serve as aliens. Each cast member has a unique character setting and engages in conversations with guests to unfold their own worldviews.

Clear Pricing that Even the Galaxy Would Be Amazed By

Akiba Connect ensures clear pricing, allowing guests to use the service with confidence.

The basic system includes two options:

1. All-You-Can-Drink Course: 60 minutes for 2,000 yen
Enjoy a wide variety of drinks, including soft drinks, cocktails, draft beer, plum wine, whiskey, shochu, and wine.

2. One-Drink Order System: 60 minutes for 700 yen
One drink order is required every hour. After the first hour, an automatic extension applies with a charge of 700 yen per additional hour.

There are also discounts for students: minors can enjoy the service for 1,500 yen per hour, and students over 20 for 1,800 yen per hour. These rates include all taxes, ensuring top-class cost performance in the area.

Summary of the Extraterrestrial Experience

Akiba Connect is a unique “unidentified” concept café that holds a special place in Akihabara. Its innovative alien theme and reasonable prices stand out. Guests can enjoy interactions with unique alien cast members in a space away from everyday life.

For those tired of human relationships or seeking new experiences, Akiba Connect is an attractive choice. The clear pricing system also contributes to its popularity among many customers. When visiting Akihabara, why not experience this unique “alien connection” for yourself?

Store Information

Store NameAkiba Connect
Address3rd Floor, Toyu Building, 4-11-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access6-minute walk from Akihabara Station, 2-minute walk from Suehirocho Station
Opening HoursWeekdays: 18:00~23:30
Weekends and Holidays: 17:00~23:30
*Open until 5:00 AM on the second and fourth Saturdays (subject to change monthly)
ClosedOpen year-round
SystemOne-Drink Order System: 60 minutes for 700 yen
All-You-Can-Drink: 60 minutes for 2,000 yen
Payment MethodsCash
Official Websitehttps://akbconnect.com/
Official Xhttps://x.com/akibaco_staff
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