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Charming Maid Cafe with Sweet and Innocent Service

“Tipsy,” a popular concept cafe in Akihabara, operates with the theme of “maids who are just learning the taste of alcohol.”
Opened in August 2022, this cafe features pure and innocent maids who warmly welcome customers with heartfelt service.
The cafe is known for its unique atmosphere and cute customer service, setting it apart from other establishments.
The open design allows passersby to see inside from Chuo Street, catching the eyes of many.
You can enjoy drinks with carefully selected cute maids, making it enjoyable for both first-time visitors and regular customers.

Sophisticated Urban Interior Design

The interior of Tipsy exudes a modern and stylish atmosphere.

The flooring is a light-colored wood grain, giving a warm impression.
The walls are predominantly white, creating a clean and spacious feel.
Black duct rails run along the ceiling, from which spotlights and pendant lights hang.

There are a total of 10 seats, all counter seats, with a long counter unified in a bright wood grain color.
Black stool-type chairs line the counter, emphasizing a modern look.
This arrangement allows for close and intimate communication with the maids.
The space is designed for comfort, allowing for a relaxed and calm experience.

Pastel-Colored Maid Outfits

The maids at Tipsy wear two types of outfits: pastel purple and pastel green.
The design of the outfits is based on classical maid dresses with modern twists.
Decorations such as frills and ribbons emphasize femininity and cuteness.
A white collar is added to give a neat impression, and they wear small headdresses to complete the maid look.

The service provided by these innocent and cute maids has received many comments like “too cute” and “they steal your heart.”
These outfits visually express the concept of “maids who are just learning the taste of alcohol,” creating an atmosphere that combines innocence and cuteness.
You can enjoy conversations and interactions with the maids while having a drink, making for an enjoyable experience through various services.

Reasonable Pricing System

Tipsy operates as an all-you-can-drink establishment. The pricing system is as follows:

・18:00~23:59: First 40 minutes 3,000 yen (from the second visit onwards, 40 minutes extended to 50 minutes)
・24:00~4:30: 60 minutes 3,000 yen
・Extension: 1,500 yen per 20 minutes
・Late-night 3-hour pack: 7,000 yen
In addition to the above prices, consumption tax is applied, but there is no service charge.
Moreover, regular customers are appreciated, with extended stay times by 10 minutes from the second visit onwards.
Furthermore, drinks like champagne are priced lower than at other places, making it more affordable to enjoy your time.

Enjoy Sweet Moments in an Attractive Space

Tipsy is recommended for those who want to enjoy interactions with innocent maids and savor drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.
The clean interior, cute outfits of the maids, and reasonable pricing are reasons why many customers love this place.
When you visit Akihabara, why not spend some sweet time at Tipsy?
Whether you are a first-time visitor or a regular, you will find satisfying service and ambiance.
Your experience at Tipsy will surely become a memorable one.

Store Information

Store NameTipsy (てぃぷしー)
AddressAKIHABARA KADAN 2F, 3-16-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access1-minute walk from Ginza Line “Suehirocho Station”
7-minute walk from various lines “Akihabara Station”
Business Hours19:00~23:30 (Fri & Sat: 19:00~4:30)
SystemAll-you-can-drink (see text for details)
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Card
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