Yuhgen Hanten


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A Fantastical Chinese Space Welcoming You with Jiangshi

Located in Akihabara, “Yuhgen Hanten” is a unique concept cafe themed around Chinese Jiangshi. Under the concept of “Yuhgen Hanten in the ancient bell towers…a phantom tavern connecting the underworld and this world,” visitors are invited into a mysterious realm.

The interior is adorned with Jiangshi talismans, and Asian lanterns create a fantastical atmosphere. Cute Jiangshi girls in Chinese dresses provide friendly and warm hospitality, offering a unique charm not found in other concept cafes.

A Mysterious Realm Woven by Fantastical Decorations

The interior of Yuhgen Hanten feels as if you have stepped into the underworld. Softly glowing Asian lanterns and Jiangshi talismans create a mystical space.

The decorations on the doors and walls are meticulously detailed, giving you the thrilling sensation of being inside a protective barrier. The seating options include counter seats for enjoying conversations with the cast and table seats for relaxing, catering to various needs. In this unique space, you can forget the real world and enjoy your time.

Cute and Sexy Jiangshi Girls

At Yuhgen Hanten, Jiangshi girls in Chinese dresses will serve you. The waist-hugging Chinese dresses combine sexiness and cuteness, captivating many visitors.

Despite being Jiangshi, the cast members provide friendly and cheerful service, making it easy to enjoy conversations. Regular events feature even more elaborate costumes and performances. By checking Yuhgen Hanten’s social media, you can stay updated on the latest event information and not miss any exciting opportunities.

Affordable Prices for a Fantastical Experience

Yuhgen Hanten’s pricing system is 900 yen for 30 minutes at the Cafe, and 1,700 yen for 30 minutes at the Bar (including snacks). Check their website for special set prices and late-night rates.

The menu features the famous “Gill Meals” prepared by the skilled chef, Gill. You can enjoy restaurant-quality dishes such as “Kalbi Donburi,” “Acqua Pazza,” and “Negi Shio Tontoro.” There is also a wide selection of snacks that pair perfectly with drinks, allowing you to savor your meal and drinks while chatting with the cute Jiangshi girls.

Conclusion: An Invitation to an Otherworldly Experience

Yuhgen Hanten offers a magical escape from the hustle and bustle of Akihabara. The unique Jiangshi-themed concept, the fantastical interior decorations, and the charming cast invite visitors into an otherworldly realm.

With reasonable pricing and delicious food, it appeals to a wide range of ages, from the younger generation to older patrons. If you visit Akihabara, why not spend some extraordinary time at Yuhgen Hanten?

Store Information

Store NameYuhgen Hanten
AddressOAK Akihabara 5F, 3-1-10 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5-minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business HoursMon-Wed: 17:00 – 23:30
Thu-Fri: 17:00 – 5:00
Sat: 11:00 – 5:00
Sun and Holidays: 11:00 – 23:00
BudgetFrom 3,000 yen
Payment MethodsCredit cards accepted, electronic money payments accepted
Official Websitehttps://yuhgen.com/
Official Xhttps://x.com/yuhgenhanten
Official Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/yuhgenhanten315/
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