Ozone Ra〜men Dining Jam Jam


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Do you know of any ConCafe in Nagoya where you can get authentic ramen?


A ConCafe where you can eat ramen? That sounds interesting!


Yeah, it’s a place called “Ozone Ra~men Dining Jam Jam” where some of the girls are local idols. You can get authentic ramen there, including Taiwanese-style noodles originating from Nagoya!


Wow, that’s amazing! The reviews are great, so I’m curious and want to check it out right away!

A Convenient ConCafe Offering Ramen Near the Station

If you’re looking for a unique concept cafe in the Nagoya area, be sure to visit “Ozone Ra~men Dining Jam Jam.” Our cafe is located in the Sankaku Building in Kita-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, just a 3-minute walk from Osone Station, an 8-minute walk from Heian-dori Station, and a 13-minute walk from Morishita Station, making it very accessible.

“Ozone Ra~men Dining Jam Jam” has the unique concept of local Osone idols serving ramen, and their activities aim to energize the neighborhood.

Inside the cafe, the energetic idols work hard to provide customers with an enjoyable time, earning high praise in online reviews. The signature ramen menu includes shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen, Taiwanese ramen, and miso ramen, all of which are highly acclaimed for their delicious taste. In addition to ramen, they offer a wide variety of menu items such as pancakes, sweets, and appetizers.

They also have a great selection of all-you-can-drink menus for soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Surprisingly, despite being a ConCafe, you can enjoy Taiwanese-style noodles originating from Nagoya, allowing you to fully experience the culture of Nagoya in one visit. It’s truly a refreshingly new concept cafe!

The Concept: Idols x Ramen

“Ozone Ra~men Dining Jam Jam” has also formed the local idol group RION, holding auditions here! This cafe is deeply rooted in the community, energizing Nagoya. They regularly host events and live performances, ensuring a special experience every time you visit.

The charm of this cafe lies not only in the adorable girls and delicious ramen but also in its warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff strives daily to ensure customers thoroughly enjoy their visit. It’s a comfortable environment, even for first-time ConCafe visitors, so we highly recommend it! While the concept of a ConCafe might make some feel nervous, you can easily drop by with the mindset of enjoying a tasty bowl of ramen! With so much to offer, it’s no wonder many customers become regulars after their first visit! Bask in the energy and smiles of the idols while savoring delicious ramen and sweets in this wonderful place, creating meaningful memories!

Pricing System

seat charge (admission fee) 600 yen for 60 min.
One drink from 580 yen
Alcohol 780 yen and up

All-you-can-drink soft drinks
980 yen
All-you-can-drink alcohol


NOBUNAGA (soy sauce ramen) ¥1,000
HIDEYOSHI (Pork bone & Taiwanese ramen) ¥1,000
IEYASU (miso ramen) ¥1,000
Taiwanese Mazesoba under the supervision of Naoto Niiyama ¥1,000

A set ¥2,080
Pancake or assorted sweets + cheki, coffee menu

B set ¥2,480
Ramen noodles of your choice + cheki, girl’s drink

C set ¥2,480
Ramen of your choice + Idol performance, girl’s drink

Cast drink 780 yen
Promide ¥800
Cheki (cheki)
・Two shots ¥1,500
・Pin shot ¥1,000
Idol performance ¥1,500

Store Information

Store NameOzone Ra~men Dining Jam Jam ConCafe
AddressSunshine Osone 2F, 1-1-3 Yamada, Kita-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Access3-minute walk from Osone Station
8-minute walk from Heian-dori Station
13-minute walk from Morishita Station
Show Access Map
HoursDinner: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Bar: 10:00 PM – 5:00 AM
Pricing5000 yen and up
Payment MethodsCredit Cards Accepted
QR Code Payment Accepted
Seating Capacity20 seats
Group BookingsAccepted
Wifi/Wireless LANAvailable
Official Websitehttps://preview.studio.site/live/7kadl13za3/
Official SNSTwitter


The girls’ performances were overwhelmingly cute, and the ramen was delicious – it really felt like the best of Nagoya! I can understand why it has such high ratings and many repeat customers!


Everything felt so authentic! The ramen tasted exceptional, probably because it’s supervised. The girls’ idol aura was amazing, too, but they were still friendly and fun to talk to, making for such an enjoyable time!

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