Hoshi no Ohime-sama


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It’s the famous “Hoshi no Ohimesama” in Akihabara.


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Enjoying Drinks Under the Starry Sky

“Hoshi no Ohimesama,” a new landmark in Akihabara, features a fantastical interior inspired by “The Little Prince.”
The venue is adorned with walls and tables in white and blue, and the ceiling replicates a sparkling starry sky.
It offers all guests an experience to leisurely enjoy drinks under the starry sky.

Starry Sky-Inspired Interior Decor

The interior of “Hoshi no Ohimesama” features a grand design themed around a starry sky.
The ceiling twinkles with stars painted across the entire wall, inviting visitors on a cosmic journey.
The spacious counter is modern in design, with sophisticated marble surfaces creating an elegant atmosphere.

Blue accent lights enhance the mystical ambiance of the venue further.
These lights create a perfect mood for leisurely drinks under a serene night sky.
The sofa seats, predominantly in white with soft cushions, promise comfortable relaxation.

Each seat is adorned with red roses, enhancing the romantic atmosphere.
These meticulous decorations showcase the attention to detail at Hoshi no Ohimesama.
Round showcases embedded in the walls display beautiful ornaments and bottles, offering new discoveries with each visit.

Free Wi-Fi and electrical outlets (available at the counter only) ensure a comfortable experience.

Fantastical Princesses of Hoshi no Ohimesama

The original costumes worn by the cast of “Hoshi no Ohimesama” feature unique designs that captivate onlookers.
These costumes are characterized by skirts adorned with intricate star prints on a blue and white base.
The star motifs perfectly complement the interior decor, maintaining a consistent theme.

The skirt sections are crafted from multiple layers of tulle, creating beautiful waves with every movement.
This adds depth and narrative to the costumes, evoking a sensation of flipping through the pages of a fairy tale with each gesture of the cast.

Star-shaped pendants and ribbons added as accessories further enhance the charm of the costumes, completing the overall coordination with elegance.
This meticulous attention to detail in design captivates visitors, inviting them into an extraordinary experience.

These costumes are not mere clothing but art pieces deeply intertwined with the store’s concept, making them one of the attractions of visiting Hoshi no Ohimesama.
Visitors are sure to remember this unique visual experience for a long time.

Enjoyable at Reasonable Prices

The pricing system is very straightforward: for men, you can enjoy 40 minutes starting at ¥2,500. Women have an even better deal with one set priced at ¥1,800. Additionally, shots of tequila and Jäger are included in the all-you-can-drink service, which is irresistible for those who love alcohol.

1set 40 minutes … ¥2,500 (tax incl. ¥2,750)
Extension 40 minutes … ¥2,700 (tax incl. ¥2,970)

For female customers
1 set 40 minutes … ¥1,800 (tax incl. ¥1,980)
Extension 40 minutes … ¥2,000 (tax incl. ¥2,200)
You can enjoy :rose:

All-you-can-drink tequila, Jäger shots :clinking_glasses:


Enjoy a special moment in the fantastical space under the starry sky.

Store Information

Store NameHoshi no Ohime-sama
Address3-14-5 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Kukou Building 3F
Access3 minutes on foot from Suehirocho Station
Business HoursTue-Fri: 17:00 to LAST, Sat-Sun: 15:00 to LAST
Regular HolidayMonday
Official Websitehttps://lit.link/akibahoshihime
Official Xhttps://x.com/hoshihime_akiba
Official Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/hoshihime_akiba/
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