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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

Cafe & Bar Purin boasts a lovely atmosphere, where idol-like girls in vibrant costumes add to the fun and engaging setting. Enjoy the close and personal interaction with idols right here!

▼ Mr. Ballpen’s soliloquy
“Idols + Pudding = Pokémon” comes to mind.

A cafe where you can meet former and active idols!

Located in Shibuya, Cafe & Bar Purin is a unique spot run by a former idol. The cafe welcomes you with various girls dressed in colorful costumes, providing a homely atmosphere where you can enjoy your time. This place is a delightful discovery for anyone interested in idol culture or fans of idols.
The charm of Purin lies in its diverse staff and the warm atmosphere they create!

It’s a must-visit for those who admire idols or are fans of the idol scene! Forget the daily hustle and enjoy a special time at Purin, where you’re up close and personal with idols!

Loyalty card benefits available!

Earn 1 point for every 2000 yen spent. Collect points to receive services from the girls!

・10 points: Signed cheki (polaroid)
・20 points: Two-person cheki (signed)
・30 points: Homework cheki
・40 points: A letter
・50 points: Secret (consult with the cast)

Source: Twitter

Store Information

AddressTokyo, Shibuya Ward, Dogenzaka 2-16-19 Tori Building 2F
Business HoursClosed Days

Weekends and Holidays
Pricing InformationCharge per hour
Men 800 yen
Women 500 yen


▼ Set
◆ Omelette rice or daily menu – Cheki set ¥2,500
◆ Parfait – Cheki set ¥2,300

▼ À la carte
◆ Omelette rice (with drawing) ¥1,200
◆ Daily menu ¥1,200
◆ French fries ¥800
◆ Tamagoyaki ¥500
◆ Pudding parfait ¥800
◆ Ice brulee ¥500

▼ All-you-can-drink for 2 hours ¥3,000

▼【Alcohol】each ¥800

◆Cafe pa ¥5,000
◆Petalo ¥8,000
◆Veuve ¥15,000
◆Moet ¥25,000
◆Moet Nectar ¥28,000

▼【Soft Drinks】each ¥500
◆Green Tea
◆Oolong Tea
◆Jasmine Tea
◆Ginger Ale
◆Orange Juice

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