Nurse Café White Lily


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Do you know about a cafe in Tenjin called “Nurse Cafe White Lily”?


That’s new to me, what kind of cafe is it?


It’s a hospital-themed cafe, and I heard the interior is pink and cute. Everything is decorated with hearts, and it seems girls dressed in nurse uniforms serve the customers.


That sounds interesting! Let’s go check it out!

A Hospital-Themed Concept Cafe

“Nurse Cafe White Lily,” located in the Tenjin area of Fukuoka, is a unique themed cafe based on the concept of a hospital. Visitors are greeted by a cute interior uniformly decorated in pink, offering a healing space. This innovative idea has become an attractive option for those looking to relax away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The uniqueness of this cafe also serves as a place to heal the daily stress and fatigue of modern society. In today’s world, where physical refreshment is needed to counter mental fatigue and stress caused by the spread of internet and digital media, “White Lily” plays the role of a “modern illness treatment center” providing healing for both body and mind.

Interior Appeal and Concept

The cafe’s interior is reminiscent of a hospital, with heart-shaped decorations and cute interiors catching the eye. Visitors are greeted by beautiful nurses dressed in white coats, captivated by their freshness and charm. Additionally, one of the features is that the cast members, who differ in nurse uniform design and hometown, provide membership cards as medical examination cards.

“White Lily” offers a variety of set menus that match the atmosphere of the store, allowing any customer to enjoy their favorite dishes. From omurice and curry to ramen, pancakes, and crème brûlée, a wide range of dishes are available. The drinks are also distinctive, with the sight of beverages served in beaker-shaped containers evoking a unique hospital-like presentation.

Furthermore, monitors are installed inside the store, making it possible to request songs from the cast members. From idol songs to unexpected selections, a variety of music is performed, and customers share in the sense of unity and enjoyment. The cast members are friendly and cheerful, ensuring that even first-time visitors can feel at ease, and they kindly respond to questions about the store’s atmosphere and menu.

Menu Diversity and Distinctive Drinks

Visitors to “White Lily” highly praise the comfortable space and the energetic response of the cast members. In particular, the atmosphere that eases the tension of first-time visitors and its role as a place to relax away from the daily hustle are emphasized. These customer voices can be said to prove the “healing” role that the cafe provides.

“Nurse Cafe White Lily” is a cafe loved by many customers for its unique concept and services. The fusion of an innovative idea themed around hospitals and cute presentations offers visitors a pleasant time. It has become an ideal choice for those seeking to heal from daily fatigue and stress, as well as for those looking for a special experience.

Pricing System

Meal cost + Initial consultation fee (charge)
With insurance card Weekdays 300 yen, Weekends/Holidays 500 yen
Without insurance card Weekdays 500 yen, Weekends/Holidays 800 yen

Store Information

Store Name  
Address 4th Floor, Tenjin Ai Building, 3-8-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Access 6 minutes on foot from Tenjin Station on the Subway Airport Line
Show Access Map
Business Hours 13:00~22:00
Regular Holiday Irregular
Price From 2,000 yen
Payment Methods Credit cards accepted
Number of Seats  
Group Use  
Wifi・Wireless LAN  
Official Website  
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The menu is extensive, and the omelette rice and curry were delicious. The ramen my friend ordered had a substantial volume, which was great. It was also fun that drinks came in beaker-shaped containers!


You can request various songs on the monitor, and they’ll sing them for you. From idol songs to unexpected choices, it was enjoyable. Especially the atmosphere where everyone could get excited together was nice!

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