Naturalia Shibuya Store, a No-Makeup Cafe Ba


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Mr. Ballpen
Mr. Ballpen

You can clearly see the girls’ faces in the bright interior, which is surprising. We compete with authenticity! Unlike stores with evening dresses and thorough makeup, this store allows you to enjoy the girls’ natural cuteness and charm. If you’re not a fan of flashy, this is the place for you!

The conditions for the girls who work here are also strict! (Prohibited items follow)
■Night work experience (new clubs, cabarets, etc.)
■People with excessive hair dyeing (blonde, etc.)
■People with flashy nails

▼Mr. Ballpen’s monologue
Both natural and makeup girls are great.

Japan’s First No-Makeup Café Bar!

This shop is a place where you can comfortably enjoy conversations with ordinary girls, like those who work at Starbucks or stylish cafes. Even those who don’t like heavy makeup can visit with confidence.
Enjoy heartwarming moments with young and cute natural girls in a translucent setting.
The interior has a natural atmosphere with an air of cleanliness, offering a space that soothes both mind and body.
Such is Naturalia, which will accompany your heart and provide wonderful moments!

Simple yet Fashionable Date Outfits

“I want to have fun talking with girls dressed for a date!” This store not only matches the girls’ makeup but also their outfits.
The neat girls each show their personality in different costumes, and it’s a pleasure to frequently visit and enjoy their date fashions!

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Expanding Multiple Sister Stores

With the addition of the recommended Shibuya store, this group now operates a total of seven stores! Following its successful steps, it has become a beloved presence by more and more people. Whether you are looking for a lovely cafe while traveling or are a local, I encourage you to visit.
We welcome everyone with a heartwarming atmosphere and excellent service, providing a comfortable moment. Please experience this charming space when you are nearby.

Sapporo Store
Shibuya Store
Kabukicho Store
Akihabara Store
Nipponbashi Store
Umeda Store

Store Information

AddressTokyo, Shibuya Ward, Dogenzaka 2-chome 25-17 Kojima Building 3F
WEBOfficial Site
SNSInstagram Twitter
Business HoursRegular Holiday
Open Year Round

Business Days
Weekdays: 16:00-24:00
Weekends and Holidays: 12:00-24:00
Seating25 seats
Pricing InformationFor male customers
16:00-17:00 10 minutes 330 yen (tax included) all-you-can-drink
17:00-24:00 10 minutes 440 yen (tax included) all-you-can-drink
Charge 550 yen(free with membership registration)
Service fee 10%

For female customers
10 minutes 220 yen (tax included) all-you-can-drink
Charge 550 yen(free with membership registration)
Service fee 10%

Credit cards accepted!


・All-you-can-drink menu
 Beer, shochu, cocktails, wine,
 Soft drinks, etc.
 *Some items may incur additional charges

・Food menu
 Snacks, etc. from 110 yen
 Daily homemade food available

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