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I’ve been interested in this idol cafe bar called “Idolce” lately, but do you know what kind of place it is?


I do know about it! Idolce is an idol cafe bar in Shinjuku Kabukicho, where active idols, gravure models, cosplayers, and aspiring future stars work as cast members!


So active idols and models work there. What’s it like to enjoy the place?


At the cafe, you can directly interact with the cast members and get an up-close look at their unguarded selves and their hard work! Let’s go check it out!

A Place Where Aspiring Stars Pursue Their Dreams

Idolce is an idol cafe bar located in Shinjuku Kabukicho, where you can directly interact with active idols, gravure models, cosplayers, and aspiring future stars working as cast members. Idolce supports and encourages those pursuing their dreams of becoming idols or models, providing a place where their dreams can be nurtured.

Many currently active idols, gravure models, and cosplayers work at Idolce, each striving toward their respective goals. There are also “golden eggs” – those who have yet to debut – providing a valuable opportunity to witness their growth up close. With every visit, you’ll encounter new talents to cheer on, expanding the joy of supporting them.

A Place That Naturally Inspires Support

The cast members working at Idolce are future stars waiting to blossom. Although still on their journey toward their dreams, they strive daily, inching ever closer to their goals. With the support of guests, they will continue to grow and may one day shine on the big stage.

One of Idolce’s charms is the cast members who make you want to cheer them on. Their hard work toward their dreams, bright and energetic smiles, and sincere hospitality toward guests – each cast member is filled with individuality and appeal that you’ll discover anew with every visit.

At Idolce, the guests’ cheers become a source of strength for the cast. Receiving support motivates them to work even harder, and seeing their dedication in turn energizes the guests. It’s a place where both parties can support and grow together – a significant appeal of Idolce.

An Intimate Space with Idols

Despite its location in the heart of a metropolis, the interior exudes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can experience the cast members’ true selves up close and directly support their efforts toward their dreams. As soon as you step inside, a cozy space envelops you, allowing even first-time guests to relax and enjoy themselves.

A significant appeal of Idolce is how the guests’ support becomes a driving force for the cast members. By cheering them on directly, you can contribute to making their dreams a reality. The cast shines even brighter with the guests’ encouragement, and witnessing their growth energizes the guests in return.

Idolce is a special space created by the synergy between the cast members chasing their dreams and the guests supporting them. With active idols, gravure models, cosplayers, and aspiring future stars working here, why not visit and support their dreams too? Once you experience the charm of Idolce, you’ll be captivated. Spend a special moment at Idolce.

Handmade Menus by the Idols

Idolce is more than just a cafe bar – it offers unique experiences found nowhere else. The interaction with the cast, handmade food menus, and diverse events all come together to provide guests with an unforgettable time.

While enjoying delicious meals, you can spend enjoyable moments with the cast members. Special menus exclusive to Idolce await, with new discoveries to be made on every visit.

Pricing System

Charge (30 minutes): Men 800 yen, Women 400 yen
Drinks: 600 yen and up
Food: 500 yen and up
10% tax and service charge, 5% credit card fee


Oolong tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Black oolong tea (HOT/ICE) 800 yen
Black tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Coffee and café au lait (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Green tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Jasmine tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Ginger ale (sweet) 600 yen
Cola 600 yen
Orange Juice 600 yen
Grapefruit juice 600 yen
Tomato juice 600 yen
Milk (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Royal Milk Tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Calpis (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
Red Bull 900 yen

Draft beer 750 yen
Bottled beer (small bottle) 800 yen
Guinness 900 yen

Shochu High
Oolong tea high 700 yen
Green tea high: 700 yen

Suntory Kaku
 Shot 750 yen Bottle 5,900 yen
Fore Roses Yellow
 Shot 750 yen Bottle 5,900 yen
I.W Harper
 Shot 850 yen Bottle 7,400 yen
Jack Daniel’s Black
 Shot 850 yen Bottle 7,400 yen
Seabass Regal 12years old
 Shot 850 yen Bottle 7,400 yen
 Shot 950 yen Bottle 9,900 yen
 Shot 1,200 yen Bottle 15,900 yen
Macallan 12year old
 Shot 1,200 yen Bottle 15,900 yen

Yuzu Komachi
 Shot 800 yen Bottle 6,900 yen
Kurokirishima (sweet potato)
 Shot: 700 yen Bottle: 5,400 yen
Aka-Kirishima (sweet potato)
 Shot 800 yen Bottle 6,900 yen
Mitake (sweet potato)
 Shot 800 yen Bottle 6,900 yen
Nikaido Kichijo Kishiroku (barley)
 Shot 850 yen Bottle 7,400 yen
Kagamizuki (A type)
 Shot 700 yen Bottle 5,400 yen

Umeshu (plum wine)
Please ask our staff for the brand name.
Shots 700 yen Bottles 5,400 yen

Bottle charge 1,000 yen (includes ice, water and hot water)
Decanter (wari) 1,000 yen
Dried plums 100 yen

Cocktails ALL 850 yen
Red Eye
Shandy Gaff (sweet)

Cassis Beer
Cassis Grapefruit
Cassis Orange
Cassis Oolong
Cassis milk

Fuzzy Navel
Peach Oolong

Dita Grapefruit
Dita Orange

Kahlua Milk

Campari Grapefruit
Campari Orange

Gin & Tonic
Gin Lime

Vodka Tonic
Salty Dock

Rum Tonic
Rum Coke
Rum Buck

Sparkling Wine
Sparkling Wine of the Day
 Bottle 8,500 yen
 Bottle 15.000yen
Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label
 Bottle 20,000 yen
Veuve Clicquot Rose 
 Bottle 25,000 yen
Belle Epoque
 Bottle 55,000 yen
Dom Perignon Vintage
 Bottle 60,000 yen
 Bottle 80,000 yen

Sparkling Wine (non-alcoholic)
 Bottle 8,000 yen

Mixed nuts 500 yen
Pocky 500 yen
Potato chips 500 yen
Beef jerky 700 yen
Cracker with cheese and salami 900 yen
Assorted sausages 950 yen
Painted omelet rice 1,000 yen
Cast Member’s Special Rice Balls 1,000 yen *2 per person. Includes miso soup.
Pasta of the day 950 yen
Pizza 950 yen

Store Information

Store NameIdolce ~Aidolche~  
Address6F The Catherina Building, 1-3-15 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station
View Access Map
Business Hours18:00~05:00
HolidaysIrregular holidays
Payment MethodsCredit Card Accepted
Number of Seats
Group Use
Wifi / Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX

The live performance was really amazing and moving!

There was also a talk show where I could hear about their dreams, which made me want to support them even more.


Next time, I want to see a live performance by a different cast member,

and interact more deeply! I’m looking forward to going again!

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