Amusement Park Realize


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Do you know about the amusement park-themed concafe in Shinsaibashi?


I didn’t know that! Just hearing the word amusement park makes me excited.


Right? It’s so exciting! They even have an all-you-can-eat popcorn deal, it sounds like an amazing entertainment experience!


I really want to go! I want to go right now!

A Dreamlike Amusement Park Theme

Do you know of a special place in Shinsaibashi that’s conceptualized as a dreamlike amusement park?
At “Amusement Park Réaliser” here, the atmosphere of a never-sleeping amusement park is vividly recreated.
The shop’s name includes “Réaliser,” which means “to realize” in French. If you visit here, perhaps your dreams may come true too. Be sure to stop by Réaliser and have some fun when you’re in Shinsaibashi.

An Amusement Park You’ll Want to Visit Every Day?!

As soon as you step inside, you’ll immediately feel a bright and airy atmosphere. The bright interior is based on white, with amusement park-like decorations everywhere. It’s such an extraordinary space that you’ll feel the same excitement as if you’ve really visited an amusement park, while still being comforting yet thrilling.

The aroma wafting from the popcorn machines dotting the interior smells just like visiting an amusement park – that unmistakable scent of excitement. The fresh popcorn smell tickles your nose and lifts your spirits. And amazingly, that popcorn is completely free and all-you-can-eat, a luxurious offering. After one flavor, you can move on to the next, with various flavors available so you’ll never get bored.

At “Amusement Park Réaliser,” you’ll get the feeling of visiting a real theme park. Part of its charm is the reasonable pricing too. For those who want to thoroughly enjoy themselves, this place is an ideal choice.

This shop also offers a wide variety of drinks and food, so everyone can enjoy according to their preferences. You can chat with the staff while savoring delicious drinks and food, or leisurely sip and snack – another unique charm of this place.

Highly rated in reviews, this shop’s fun and appeal never get old no matter how many times you visit. The girls here are said to have very high “face ratings,” and they’re truly idol-level cute. Once you step into “Amusement Park Réaliser,” it may become the entrance to a world of charm you can’t escape.

Idol-Like Costumes

The uniforms at “Amusement Park Réaliser,” where the girls are said to have high “face ratings,” are truly idol costumes – white tops with red gingham ribbons and red gingham skirts. The amusement park motif is already exciting enough, but to have cute idols there too is just the best. I thought, could these really be idols you can meet?!
The cast members at “Amusement Park Réaliser” are genuinely adorable, so even wearing the same costume, each one’s individuality shines through, and you might find yourself struggling to choose a favorite. Be sure to find your favorite and spend some amazing time together.
They also apparently wear different costumes during events, which is another element that makes spending time with them even more fun and special.

Of course, they’re not just cute but also friendly and easy to talk to, just like amusement park cast members! Be sure to come play at “Amusement Park Réaliser” where you can spend time with cast members who are like adorably cute idols at an amusement park.

Pricing System

60 minutes 550 yen + 1 drink order required



  • Green tea 660 yen
  • Oolong tea 660 yen
  • Jasmine tea 660 yen 
  • Barley tea 660 yen
  • Black tea (HOT/ICE) 660 yen
  • Coffee (HOT/ICE) 660 yen
  • Calpis 660 yen 
  • Cola 660 yen 
  • Ginger ale 660 yen 
  • Tomato 660 yen
  • Pineapple 660 yen 
  • Orange 660 yen 
  • Apple 660 yen 
  • Peach 660 yen
  • Grapefruit 660 yen
  • Lettreble 880 yen

non-alcoholic cocktail

  • ◯◯Miruku (strawberry, banana, melon, peach, grape) 770 yen
  • ◯◯Soda (strawberry, banana, melon, peach, grape) 770 yen
  • Calpico (Cupid) 770 yen
  • Non-alcoholic peach oolong 770 yen
  • Tomato Orange 770 yen
  • Highballs. Umeshu (plum wine). Kagamizuki (Yuzu. Acerola) 880 yen
  • Barley shochu (Iichiko. Nikaido. Kishiroku. Kami no Kawa) 880 yen
  • Sweetpotato shochu (Kurokirishima. SHIRANAMI. Tominohozan) 880 yen
  • Shiso shochu (Kakkotan/Akakakkotan) 880 yen
  • Jasmine shochu (Marika) 880 yen
  • Bottled beer 1100yen
  • Smirnoff 1100 yen
  • Surat/Horoyoi 1100 yen
  • Black Nikka 880 yen
  • Kaku high 880 yen
  • Jack Daniel’s 880 yen
  • Jim Beam 880 yen 
  • Wild Turkey 880 yen
  • Fore Roses 880 yen 
  • Taketsuru 880 yen
  • Maker’s Mark 880 yen 
  • Dewars 880 yen 
  • Johnny Worker 880 yen
  • Ballantine 880 yen 
  • Canadian Club 880 yen 
  • Jameson 880 yen
  • Jack Honey 880 yen
  • Wine by the glass red/white 1100 yen
  • Tequila 880 yen 
  • Vodka 880 yen 
  • Jager 880 yen
  • Lemonade Shot (12 degrees) 880 yen
  • Kleiner 1100 yen
  • Coca Bomb 1100yen

Cocktails (any combination)

  • Cocktail 880 yen
  • Cassis 880 yen 
  • Peach 880 yen 
  • Muscat 880 yen 
  • Mango 880 yen
  • Strawberry 880 yen 
  • Coconut 880 yen 
  • Yogurt 880 yen 
  • Kahlua 880 yen
  • Earl Grey 880 yen 
  • Godiva 880 yen 
  • Captain Morgan 880 yen
  • Gin 880 yen 
  • Vodka 880 yen
  • Rum 880 yen
  • Tequila 880 yen
  • Campari 880 yen
  • Cointreau 880 yen 
  • Amaretto Tiffin 880 yen
  • Dita 880 yen
  • Butterscotch 880yen
  • All-you-can-eat unlimited popcorn
  • Melted butter on popcorn +220 yen
  • Furifuri furikake (16 kinds of flavors) +220 yen
  • Frankfurters (with graffiti)
  • Edamame (soybeans) 330 yen
  • Nuts 330 yen
  • Chocolate 330 yen
  • Shijimi clam soup 330 yen
  • Miso soup 330 yen
  • 2 pizzas 550 yen
  • Rice burger 550 yen
  • Pork miso soup 550 yen
  • Waffle 550 yen
  • Curry 880 yen
  • Rice omelet with graffiti 880 yen
  • Okonomiyaki (with graffiti) 880 yen
  • Cheki or photo 880 yen
  • Cast member drink 880 yen
  • Cast shot drink 1100 yen
  • Song request 550 yen
  • Reward coin 110 yen

Store Information

Shop NameAmusement Park Realize
Address2F Toyonoya Building, 6-30 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
Access7 minutes walk from Shinsaibashi Station
6 minutes walk from Namba Station
Display access map
Business Hours6:00 PM – 6:00 AM
ClosedOpen all year round
Payment MethodsCredit cards accepted
QR code payments accepted
SeatingCounter seating for 6
Table seating for 8
Standing area available
Group Use
Wifi/Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX\_umeda


It was really fun, just like an amusement park! The reasonable prices and fun atmosphere make me want to go there all the time.


The interior and the girls were so sparkly and idol-like, really creating that amusement park vibe. It was great.

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