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Hey, did you know there’s a “world’s first theme park café” in Akihabara?


Is the catchphrase ‘Concafe Land’?

It’s a shop aiming to be a theme park in the concafe world, where you can enjoy both the Magical Girl area and the Princess area.


Right! It sounds interesting, I’d like to go there.

The Concept is “World’s First Theme Park Café”

The concept café “Concafe Land” is characterized by its innovative concept as the world’s first theme park café.
The largest-scale store in Akihabara, ‘MajoMajo’ with a witch concept and ‘PriBlue’ with a princess concept, welcomes customers with two different themes.
The popular hostess bar ’45 (Forty-Five)’ and the popular concafe ‘I Want to Be Your Girlfriend!’ have cooperated, and the producer is the former popular hostess ‘Angel Karen’.

Maids dressed as magical girls and princesses create a world view that matches their respective concepts, providing a dream-like extraordinary experience.
The massive concept of a magical world and a princess world coexisting is a unique attraction not found in other stores, offering a movie-like fantasy experience.
In addition, a variety of original entertainment programs and menus are prepared, surpassing the traditional concept of maid cafes and offering a new era of experience-based cafes.

Witch and Princess Castle – Two Areas

The interior of Concafe Land is decorated in a fantastical way that captivates visitors as if they have stepped into another world.
The ‘MajoMajo’ area, themed around magical girls, is characterized by vivid colors and mystical lighting effects, with murals depicting the magical world view on the walls and intricately detailed objects that transport guests to an extraordinary space.

On the other hand, the ‘PriBlue’ area features luxurious interior decoration reminiscent of a princess’s castle, with glittering interiors and accessories creating a romantic atmosphere.
While gorgeous, the design also offers warmth, providing guests with comfort and a sense of exclusivity.

There are various seating options, from counter seats where you can interact with the magical girls to sofa seats where you can spend elegant time with the princesses, offering a VIP experience.
Every seat allows you to enjoy the interior decorations, not only pleasing the eyes but also satisfying the heart.

Although located in Akihabara, a district crowded with numerous concafes, the store’s greatest charm is that you can enjoy two completely different concepts as if you were in a real theme park. You can indulge in a fantastical world view and spend a dream-like time.

Magical Girls and Princesses

In the store, cast members dressed as magical girls and princesses entertain customers. In the MajoMajo area, magical girl-style costumes are worn, leading visitors into a fantastical world.
Their attire features meticulous attention to details and accessories, creating designs that are exciting just to look at.

Meanwhile, in the PriBlue area, cast members dressed as princesses wear elegant and delicate princess dresses. These costumes, as if straight out of a fairy tale, enchant visitors and provide a dream-like time.

Concafe Land’s Prices and Menu

Concafe Land offers a variety of drink and food menus. The system fee varies depending on the time and type of seat, with a 40-minute set in the lounge and ballroom costing ¥6,600, and at the counter, it costs ¥3,300.
Additionally, you can also request your favorite cast member for a set fee of ¥1,100.

The drink menu includes special options like the Ferris wheel shot and Anejo Ferris wheel, creating a memorable experience.
There are also unlimited drink menus including draft beer, sour drinks, highballs, and more.
The food menu offers staple dishes such as omelette rice, fried rice, and yakisoba, along with side dishes like takoyaki and shumai.
Other entertainment menus that can be enjoyed for a fee include two-shot Cheki, karaoke, and request songs.
There are also happy hour settings on weekdays, allowing you to enjoy concafe at a reasonable price.

1 Set 40 minutes, Happy Hour (Weekdays, Sat, Sun, Holidays 17:00-19:00) 60 minutes
Extension 40 minutes

Lounge / Ballroom ¥6,000 (¥6,600)
Counter ¥3,000 (¥3,300)

Cinderella -Designated- 1 Set +¥1,000 (¥1,100)
Food Bring-in Fee +¥500 (¥550)

2-Shot Cheki ¥1,000 (1,100)
Karaoke (Unlimited Singing) ¥1,000 (1,100)
Song Request (1 song) ¥1,000 (1,100)

• Draft Beer (Super Dry / Maru F)
• Lemon Sour
• Grapefruit Sour
• Apple Sour
• Calpis Sour
• Oolong High
• Green Tea High
• Jasmine High
• Highball
• Ginger Highball
• Cola Highball
• Gin and Tonic
• Gin Buck
• Vodka Tonic
• Vodka Soda
• Moscow Mule
• Screwdriver
• Bulldog
• Cassis Soda
• Cassis Orange
• Fuzzy Navel
• Reggae Punch
• Rum and Tonic
• Rum and Soda
• Rum Buck
• Rum Grapefruit
• Cuba Libre
• Cuban Screw

• Kintamai
• Nikai-dō (Barley)
• Kuromihoshi (Sweet Potato)

• Kakubin (Various)

Japanese Sake
• Takara
• Urachisaku

• Red
• White

• Plum Wine

Soft Drinks
• Coke
• Orange Juice
• Ginger Ale
• Grapefruit
• Calpis
• Oolong Tea
• Green Tea
• Jasmine Tea
• Iced Tea
• Zone

• Ferris Wheel Shot Roulette ¥16,000 (17,800)
• Anejo Ferris Wheel… ¥27,000 (29,700)

Royal Drink
¥1,000 (1,100)
¥2,000 (2,200)
¥3,000 (3,300)
¥5,000 (5,500)

¥1,000 (1,100)
¥2,000 (2,200)
¥3,000 (3,300)
¥5,000 (5,500)

¥700 Shots (770)
• Tarantula
• Kleiner
• Tequila
• Jägermeister
¥1,000 Shots (1,100)
• Cocarero
• 1800
• Tequila Ball
Cast Shots Menu above plus an additional ¥900 (990)

Japanese Whisky
• Chita… ¥1,000 (1,100)
• Yamazaki… ¥2,000 (2,200)
• Hibiki… ¥3,000 (3,300)
When cast members drink, the above prices plus the link size fee apply

• 1800 Anejo… ¥1,500 (1,650) Cast Shot is ¥3,000
• Red Bull… ¥500 (550)

• Omrice ¥1,500 (1,650)
• Fried Rice ¥1,000 (1,100)
• Yakisoba ¥1,000 (1,100)

Side Dishes
• Takoyaki ¥700 (770)
• Karaage ¥700 (770)
• Shumai ¥700 (770)
• Cup Noodle ¥500 (550)
• Edamame ¥500 (550)
• Mixed Nuts ¥500 (550)
• Kiss Chocolate ¥500 (550)


Concaféland is a dream-like space created by a collaboration between popular cabaret and concafé establishments. It combines two distinct concepts – the world of magical girls and princesses – to provide an extraordinary experience.

The meticulously designed interiors, displays, and staff costumes immerse visitors in an alternate reality. The charismatic and appealing staff create a cabaret-like atmosphere, while the cosplay and fantasy elements are unique to the concafé experience.

The extensive menu offers a wide selection of drinks, food, and entertainment options. Concaféland caters to both newcomers and regulars, ensuring everyone can enjoy a magical and unforgettable time. When visiting Akihabara, be sure to stop by Concaféland and indulge in its extraordinary charms.


As a major group has opened the largest-scale establishment in Akihabara, it has been a topic of discussion even before its opening. It is one of the leading concafé venues that shape the concafé culture in Akihabara.

Store Information

NameConcafe Land
Address7F, Akihabara B&V Bldg., 1-15-13 Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access1 minute walk from Akihabara Station
Business Hours17:00 – 23:30
ClosedOpen 365 days a year
System¥3,000 for 30 minutes
Payment MethodsCash, Credit Cards, PayPay, etc.
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