Maid Made Not


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There seems to be a highly rated cafe with a near-future concept where girls become gearoids and serve customers.


Gearoids?? What are they like? A near-future theme sounds interesting!


They also have a lot of original, delicious food, so let’s go there hungry!


That’s great! It’s nice to have delicious food and fun! Let’s go on an empty stomach!

Mechanical Doll Maids?!

A concept cafe where mechanical doll maids from the future welcome you to realize the domination of humanity by AI. From the futuristic exterior, the gearoid maids working to make you fall into depravity and question if it’s okay to be dominated greet you. ♡

The Place to Go for Concept Cafes in Nagoya!

The irresistible charm brought by the triple collaboration of the near future, concept cafes, and maids at “MAID≠MADE not” is hard to resist. The moment you step inside this concept cafe incorporating futuristic elements, you’ll feel as if you’ve wandered into another world. While the exterior exudes a futuristic ambiance, upon opening the doors, you’re greeted by a stylish cafe interior with the concepts of “near future,” “depravity,” “domination,” and “AI” clear at first glance.
The biggest feature of this cafe is its concept of “sweet domination to make you fall.” The maids employ various means to lure customers into a world of bliss. With adorable gestures, alluring tones, and sweet words, they show you just how cute gearoids can be. You’re bound to be dominated by this world view.

According to reviews, many people praise the delicious food!
Both hearty dishes and desserts are widely acclaimed as delicious, and it’s a specialty for the cute gearoid maids to feed you directly, so be sure to experience it. ♡

The triple collaboration of the near future, concept cafes, and maids takes us away from the ordinary while providing a pleasant sense of happiness and extraordinariness. Be sure to log in to “MAID≠MADE not” yourself.

Gearoid Maid Uniforms

The charming maid uniforms, blending perfectly into the near-future space, feature a grey-based design. The clean grey dresses are accented with white ribbons, adding a touch of warmth to the space with their loveliness. While incorporating futuristic elements, these uniforms uphold the tradition of Japanese maid cafes, striking a balance between familiarity and composure.
The aprons and ribbons play an important role in accentuating the cute factor. The aprons feature fluffy frills and adorable patterns, adding liveliness to the gearoids’ movements. The ribbons, simple yet impactful, complement the gearoids’ smiles, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Furthermore, the gearoids’ appearances are captivating. With their adorable faces, their charm is sure to steal your heart. Particularly, the black lace headbands lend an air of elegance and decadence to their appearance, further enhancing their appeal!

The service provided by the gearoids in these uniforms adds to the allure. Their smiles and skillful conversation will make you forget the noise of daily life and enjoy a pleasant time.

This space filled with charm may draw you in to the point of wanting to visit every day. It’s that addictively charming, according to many reviews praising the cute gearoid girls. Be sure to visit and find your favorite.

Pricing System

Cover Charge
770 yen/1 hour
One drink order required


  • Dominant color Cream Soda
  • Drinks that ruin people (HOT/ICE)
  • Corruption Olysian
  • Oryshan (alcoholic/non-alcoholic)
  • Omelette rice with plenty of back fat
  • Zero calories because it’s chicken Fried chicken
  • Mayo of depravity Sausage and eggs on top of rice
  • Sweet domination glass macaroon parfait
  • De la mai gohan parfait
  • Melting desire Ogura toast

Store Information

Shop Name MAID≠MADE not
Address3-35-23 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
AccessNagoya Osu
Display Access Map
Business HoursWeekdays 16:00~22:00
Sat, Sun & Holidays 13:00~22:00
ClosedIrregular Holidays
Price2000 yen and up
Payment MethodsCredit Card Accepted
QR Code Payment Not Accepted
Seating Capacity
Group Usage
Wifi・Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX

The interior matched the concept as well, and the Gearoids were thoroughly in character, so I was able to enjoy it wholeheartedly!

The food was also delicious, and I was surprised at how large the parfait was! The atmosphere inside was good too, with everyone having fun.


The concept was really solid, right! I’ve been to concept cafes before but didn’t feel fully immersed, but I think even first-timers and people who didn’t get into it before can be fully satisfied at this place! The Gearoids were also cute, so I want to log in again many times.

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