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It seems there’s a concept café for girls, by girls, and about girls!


It’s quite a unique type of café, isn’t it?


It seems fun and welcoming for everyone, including men and those new to concept cafés!


The “for girls” part really piques my interest! Let’s go check it out!

Overflowing with Cuteness

Introducing a concept café overflowing with the cuteness of girls, based on the concept that “girls are made of sweet things, spices, and something wonderful.” Doll-like adorable girls will welcome you with open arms

A Place to Teach Something Wonderful

Though the café is located underground, opening the door, you’ll be greeted by cute girls and large paintings. Located in Nagoya’s Osu area, SUGAR & SPICE gives you the sensation of stepping into a girl’s room. The phrase “girls are made of sweet things, spices, and something wonderful” not only conveys cuteness but also the charm of girls. With a variety of food and snacks, including rice bowls and appetizers, whether you’re hungry for a full meal or just a snack while sipping on drinks, you’ll be satisfied. With reasonable prices and positive reviews for its delicious taste, please try it out. The café embodies the feeling of a place where the famous Mother Goose poem “Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice” comes to life, creating a space where women feel comfortable and people of all ages can enjoy. So, when you’re in Osu, be sure to visit. Why not forget your everyday life in this lovely space with adorable doll-like girls?

Maid Outfits as per the Concept

SUGAR & SPICE is a space that combines cuteness and stylishness, as if it came straight from a dreamland. Stepping into the store, you’ll be greeted by adorable girls dressed in soft, pink-colored costumes, reminiscent of dolls. Their charming girlishness fills these cute designs, and you can feel something special from their appearance and gestures. Another outfit features a distinctive zebra pattern, exuding a stylish and cool atmosphere. Like the girls in pink costumes, they stand out as eye-catching figures. Both groups of girls, dressed in their respective outfits, captivate us with their unique charms, making it hard for us to look away.

At SUGAR & SPICE, it feels like every corner is filled with the cuteness of girls, resembling a doll’s house. With so many girls around, talk to different ones and find your favorite! You might find yourself wanting to visit again and again just to see your favorite.

Pricing System

Soft Drink Course – 30 minutes
Men: ¥900
Women: ¥500

Alcohol Course – 30 minutes
Men: ¥1600
Women: ¥800
Unlimited Beer +¥800


  • Oolong tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
  • Coffee (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
  • Black tea (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
  • Cocoa (HOT/ICE) 600 yen
  • Melon Soda 600 yen
  • Ginger Ale 600 yen
  • Cola 600 yen
  • Deca Vita 600 yen
  • Orange Juice 600 yen
  • Apple juice 600 yen
  • Cream soda 800 yen
  • Beer 700 yen
  • Non-alcoholic beer 700 yen
  • Umeshu (plum wine) 700 yen
  • Whiskey (Black Nikka) 700 yen
  • Shochu (sweet potato and barley) 700 yen
  • Whiskey (Kaku) 800 yen
  • Smirnoff Ice Cream 800 yen
  • Kahlua Milk 800 yen
  • Cassis Orange 800 yen
  • Cocktails 800 yen
  • Tequila shot 1200yen
  • Kleiner 1200yen
  • Hot sandwich 800 yen
  • Loco moco donburi 800 yen
  • Kalbi donburi 800 yen
  • Yukke-don with raw ham 800 yen
  • Ochazuke (salmon) 600 yen
  • Carbonara 800 yen
  • Abura soba 1000 yen
  • Corn soup 600 yen
  • Edamame (green soybeans) 300 yen
  • Yuckeh (cured ham) 600 yen
  • Potato Chan 600 yen
  • Karaage-kun 600 yen
  • Cake set 1200 yen

Store Information

Address1F, Nishi-Osu Building, 2-27-30 Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Access3 minutes walk from Osu Kannon Station
7 minutes walk from Kamimaezu Station
Show Access Map
Business Hours12:00-22:00
Regular Holiday
Payment MethodsCredit Cards Accepted
QR Code Payment Available
Number of SeatsCounter: 5 seats
Table: 24 seats
Group Usage
Wifi・Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSX


Cuteness overflows, and all the staff are as adorable as dolls. I was completely captivated by them.


It was cute, and they were friendly, which was nice! I think it’s a shop where even beginners can relax and enjoy without feeling nervous! The prices are reasonable, so you can enjoy without worrying about the bill, which makes you want to go again!

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