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There’s this crazy, out-of-this-world maid cafe in Nagoya! The exterior looks like another world, and when you go inside, it’s like you’ve entered a room – the space is that unusual.


Whoa! What’s that? If it’s like a room, do girls in pajamas come out or something?


No, not pajamas – they wear cute maid outfits, and the drinks and food are great and delicious, with high reviews!


I can’t imagine it at all, which makes me curious!

Let’s go to another world!

Welcome to Another World

The concept is another world, a bit eccentric! When you follow the map, you’ll come across a door that captivates your eyes with its vividly colored appearance… Dare to open that door, and you’ll find yourself in a space that feels like a completely different world. Won’t you be enchanted by such a place filled with the charm of the extraordinary, called “Konkaneo”?

Wouldn’t You Like to Be Soothed by the Sound of Music Boxes?

Pink and purple soft lighting envelops the interior, creating a feeling as if you’ve wandered into a dream. It’s a space that embodies the world of “yume-kawaii” (dreamy-cute). Adorned with cute interior decor, anime merchandise, and posters, it feels like you’ve stumbled into someone’s girl’s room? Or perhaps into a dream? It gives you a sensation as if you’ve wandered into a world where your heart dances with excitement and anticipation, maybe even into a girl’s secret room.

Inside the shop, you’ll be greeted by maidens who seem as cute as if they’ve jumped straight out of a two-dimensional world, which was quite surprising. Their delicate appearance is truly enchanting!

Furthermore, Konkaneo hosts various events frequently, featuring unique and entertaining activities! If you visit Osu, it’s highly recommended to participate. It becomes one of the enjoyable elements to look forward to as each event is always fun! ♡

Moreover, the extensive food menu has just been renewed as of March 19, 2024! From snacks to deep-fried delights, hearty noodle dishes, and desserts, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your meal here ☆

Konkaneo offers an extraordinary experience as if you’ve wandered into a dream, where visitors can find genuine healing and joy in conversations with the charming and eccentric beauties from another world.

Dreamy-Cute Uniforms

The uniforms here are adorned with cute pastel colors like pink and purple! They perfectly embody the term “yume-kawaii”! They’ve become original costumes that harmonize perfectly with the atmosphere of the shop.
As if enchanted by magic, their cuteness, whether in conversation or when they bring drinks, has a mysteriously captivating presence. The pastel-colored maid uniforms perfectly match the shop’s eccentric atmosphere, adding to the ambiance!
In the interior reminiscent of a girl’s secret room, chatting with dreamy-cute girls is truly a delightful change of pace. It might make you feel as if you’ve escaped from reality, capturing our hearts and not letting go.

Fee System

Admission Fee: ¥600

Extension per 30 minutes after the first hour: ¥300
One drink required per hour


  • Coke 700 yen
  • Orange 700 yen
  • Ginger ale 700 yen
  • Pineapple 700 yen
  • Grapefruit 700 yen
  • Mango 700 yen
  • Calpis 700 yen
  • Milk 700 yen
  • Coffee 700 yen
  • Cafe au Lait 700 yen
  • Buckwheat tea 700 yen
  • Oolong tea 700 yen
  • Green tea 700 yen
  • Soda water 700 yen
  • Tonic 700 yen
  • Red Bull 800 yen
  • Binmon 800 yen

Non-alcoholic champagne

  • Pure Bomb 5,000 yen
  • Chamay sparkling 7,000 yen
  • Laurent Truffy 10,000 yen
  • High-grade juice 15000 yen
  • 1688 20000 yen
  • 1688 Rose 25,000 yen
  • Asahi Super Dry, medium draft, 800 yen
  • Asahi Super Dry large draft 1200 yen
  • Umeshu (plum wine) 800 yen
  • Apricot Sake 800 yen
  • Kurokirishima 800 yen
  • Iichiko 800 yen
  • Wine: red and white 800 yen
  • Various types of sake 1,200 yen
  • Hoppy white 800 yen
  • Zima 900 yen
  • Smirnoff 900 yen
  • Tequila 800 yen
  • Tequila Rose 800 yen
  • Coca Bomb 800 yen
  • Kleiner 800 yen
  • Tarantula 800 yen
  • Strong short can: 1000 yen
  • Strong Long can: 1200 yen
  • Chamisul (strawberry, plum, muscat) 1200 yen
  • Lister 7000 yen
  • Angel Asti 10,000 yen
  • Platinum 18,000 yen
  • Cinderella 20,000 yen
  • Moet Chandon 25,000 yen
  • Moët Chandon Rose ¥30,000
  • Glowing Moët Chandon 35000 yen
  • Dom Perignon 100000 yen
  • Dom Perignon Rose 15000 yen
  • Fillico 100000 yen~
  • Teti 100000 yen~
  • Angel 150000 yen~
  • Armand 150000 yen~
  • Assorted dry snacks
  • Miso soup 800 yen
  • Edamame (green soybeans) 800 yen
  • Assorted sausages 800 yen
  • Assorted cheese 800 yen
  • Cured ham yukayu style 800 yen
  • Cucumber with salt sauce 800 yen
  • Edamame with white soup stock and wasabi 800 yen
  • Corn butter 800 yen
  • Korean seaweed cream cheese 800 yen
  • Cup Ramen 800 yen
  • Fried potato 800 yen
  • Fried chicken 800 yen
  • Tako-kara (octopus) 800 yen
  • Chicken Nanban 800 yen
  • Neochiki 800 yen
  • Fried shrimp 800 yen
  • Chicken nuggets 800 yen
  • Miso skewers 800 yen
  • Marushin hamburger steak 800 yen
  • Croquette 800 yen
  • Deep-fried gyoza 800 yen
  • Fried Oysters 800 yen
  • Yangnyom Chicken 800 yen
  • Fried cheese 800 yen
  • Fried octopus balls 800 yen
  • Fried rice 1200yen
  • Beef kalbi donburi 1200 yen
  • Karaage donburi 1200 yen
  • Chinese rice bowl 1200 yen
  • Curry rice 1200 yen
  • Demi omelet 1200 yen
  • Shrimp pilaf 1200 yen
  • Yukke-don with ham 1200 yen
  • Salmon donburi 1200 yen
  • Hamburger steak bowl 1200 yen
  • Mazesoba 1200 yen
  • Tarako pasta 1200 yen 
  • Peperoncino 1200 yen
  • Carbonara 1200 yen
  • Meat spa 1200 yen
  • Vanilla ice cream 1000 yen
  • Pancake 1000 yen
  • Fondant Chocolat 1000 yen
  • Choux ice cream 1000 yen
  • Macarons 1000 yen
  • Painted cake: 1,000 yen
  • Painted rice omelet: 1,200 yen

Store Information

Shop NameConcaheneo
Address2F Fuji Denpa Shokai Bldg., 1-3-13 Kamiozenji, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture
12-minute walk from Osu Kannon Station
Display Access Map
Business HoursWeekdays: 17:00~23:00
Sat, Sun & Holidays: 14:00~23:00
ClosedIrregular Holidays
Price3000 yen and up
Payment MethodsCredit Card Accepted
QR Code Payment Accepted
Seating Capacity20 seats
Group UsageAccepted
Wifi・Wireless LANAvailable
Official Website
Official SNSX



The girls were as cute as the ones that come out in 2D worlds, and even though we’re the same gender, I couldn’t help but feel flustered!

The food was delicious too, and the other-worldly space along with the cute girls and the unusually colorful lighting really brought out their cuteness perfectly!


I was wondering what “yume-kawaii” (dreamy cute) was like, but I think I got it from the pastel feel of the maid outfits and the atmosphere inside the cafe! It was fun to eat delicious food in a cute room with cute girls!

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