Roro Prince Shinjuku Kabukicho – Military Uniform Men’s Con Cafe


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The other day you said you wished there were good looking guys in military uniforms, and I found a place in Shinjuku called the Military Uniform Men’s Con Cafe!


What’s that? I’m curious!


They wear military uniforms and are said to be really cool! And the atmosphere in the restaurant is very knightly.


I checked the reviews and it sounds good, why don’t you go?


Yeah, I’m too curious about the good looking guys in military uniform and the atmosphere in the restaurant!

Let’s go there! Let’s go!

Men’s Con Cafe  Roro Prince

The cast members who work here work as knights.

Proud knights in the service of the princesses who struggle daily to bring color to dull days and a harsh world. Here at Loro Prince, you may be inspired by their appearance and change your ordinary daily life.

This café offers a variety of surprises to its customers,

For example, you can always experience new surprises, such as special events, services, and new innovations in the menu.

In addition, a reward system has been introduced for favorite group members. By supporting them, their ranks will increase and they will be sent medals. These medals signify the growth and achievements of the knighthood. Once a certain number of orders are earned, the costumes are changed. This system allows princesses to develop their favored knights and enjoy their transformations. She is immersed in an extraordinary experience that she cannot experience in her daily life.

The atmosphere of the café is heartwarming and allows for a close relationship between the princess and the knights. The happiness of being able to support each other and grow together is here, and you may find yourself in an environment where you want to grow.

Please stop by Men’s Con Cafe when you visit Shinjuku Kabukicho, a men’s con café that provides fun and stimulation to your boring days.

You look like a prince in spite of your chic military uniform.

The military uniform, which comes in two colors, black and white, gives the impression of splendor, as if worn by a prince.

The uniform is made with a sophisticated design despite being a military uniform, which makes the beautiful face stand out even more. The line of the shoulders, the detail of the collar, and other details of this uniform are so polished to the point of coolness that it is hard not to fall in love with it. It also exudes a simple yet noble atmosphere that goes perfectly with the gorgeous decorations in the store. Wearing their uniforms, they look like court nobles, even though they are supposed to be wearing military uniforms, and their presence is truly overwhelming. Even standing there, they have all the attention of the people around them. The uniformed military uniforms here not only fulfill their duties, but also fascinate their surroundings with their beauty, making us swamped more and more.

fee system

1 hour charge 1100 yen
1 drink order required

Soft drink 550yen
Alcohol 880yen
Shot ALL 660 yen

All-you-can-drink charge
1 hour 3300 yen

Original cocktails 1650 yen
ALL shots 550 yen
Original Champagne 3300 yen

Cast Menu

Cast drinks ALL 1100 yen
Cast shots ALL 1650 yen

Store Information

Store NameRolo Prince – Military Uniform Men’s Concafe –
AddressMistu Bldg. B1F, 2-38-9 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
AccessA few minutes walk from Shinjuku Station
Display Access Map
Business Hours18:00 – 23:30
Regular HolidayIrregular holidays
Price Range2000 yen and above
Payment MethodCredit Card Accepted
QR Code Payment Accepted
Number of Seats20 seats
Group UseAvailable
Wifi/Wireless LANAvailable
Official Website
Official SNSX\_cafe


The military prince butlers were so cool!

They were so cool that I thought I wouldn’t be able to talk to them at first, but their service was so amazing that I had a really fun time! I even found my favorite, so I might become a regular customer! It’s going to make me fall down the rabbit hole~


We really had a fun time. Since you can experience something out of the ordinary, it might be recommended for people who have been feeling bored or lonely lately. It was great to spend an enjoyable time with the cool, military-uniformed prince butlers! Let’s go again.

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