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Today we would like to introduce an authentic Western-style gothic maid cafe & bar with a great atmosphere, just a 7-minute walk from Shinjuku Station!

Gossip Maidcon Cafe & Bar with well-predictive fortune telling.

There was an authentic and atmospheric maid cafe and bar with a gossip theme that offers fortune-telling in Shinjuku!
When you enter the bar, you are greeted by beautiful maids with a great atmosphere.
All of the cast members are really beautiful and I was so impressed…! Overwhelming!
You can forget about your daily life, and here is where you will find beautiful maids and many famous people.

Moreover, this store has a famous fortune teller whose fortune-telling is very popular for its accuracy.

Please come and experience the fortune-telling!

I thought it would look great to take pictures in this authentic store, and I heard that numerous celebrities, idols, YouTubers, and Instagrammers use the shop as a photo studio!

This is a wonderful gothic maid cafe & bar that you will surely want to visit again and again.

fee system

1 hour 800 yen + 1 drink
Women 1 hour Free Admission
1 drink must be ordered.
*In case of extension, extension charge + 1 drink is required.

Extension charge (automatic extension)
30 minutes 500 yen + 1 drink

Drink Menu
Soft drink 1100yen
Alcoholic drink 1100yen
Original bubble cocktail 2000yen (without bubble 1500yen)
Idle water 1,500 yen
Chocolate Latte 1,500 yen
Comfortable Sleep Cocoa 1000 yen
Original Bubble Tea 2000 yen (without bubble tea 1500 yen)
Corn potage 1000 yenBubble Cream Soda 2000 yen (1500 yen without bubble)

We have original drinks for you to try!

Cast Menu

Cheki (with doodle) 1000yen
Solo checkers 1200yen *You can choose between two-shot and solo
Cast member toast drink 1000 yen
Stamp card 100 yen

Fortune-telling 15 minutes 2000 yen
Fortune-teller’s checker: 1000 yen per check

Store Information

Store NameCandleblum 
AddressShinko Bldg. 4F, 1-2-13 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Access7 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station
Display Access Map
Business Hours20:00 – 23:00
Regular Holiday
Price Range1 hour 800 yen + 1 drink
Payment Method
Number of Seats
Group Use
Wifi/Wireless LANNot Available
Official Website
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