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I’m going to take someone to a maid cafe for the first time, but I’m not sure which one would be good?


For first-timers, wouldn’t the major chain Maidreamin be a reliable choice?


That’s true. I’ll look into Maidreamin.

Japan’s No.1 Maid Café Popular Both Domestically and Internationally

Maidreamin is Japan’s largest maid café, boasting 20 stores domestically and internationally as the “No.1 entertainment maid café.”
Its flagship store in Akihabara, the birthplace, is widely loved and has expanded to major cities in Japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, and Sapporo.
Especially the original Akihabara store, as a symbol of maid café culture, is beloved by many.
Since 2013, it has also expanded to Thailand, achieving international success.

With an annual visitor count of 800,000, it has a relatively high proportion of tourists among maid cafes, with 70% being new customers and 20% of them being foreign visitors, indicating its popularity both domestically and internationally.
Breaking the boundaries of maid cafes, it is a super popular establishment featured in mass media for providing comprehensive entertainment.

Concept themed around the “Land of Dreams”

Maidreamin is a maid café that provides entertainment services themed around “moe” with the concept of the “Land of Dreams.”
Customers are issued a “Maidreamin Passport” where they can become masters and mistresses of the Land of Dreams.
This unique feature allows them to choose their name in the Land of Dreams and is described in a handbook with basic enjoyment methods.

To allow customers to experience the atmosphere of the Land of Dreams, emphasis is placed on providing entertainment with a sense of reality.
For example, maids cast spells of “enchantment” to make all menu items delicious, offering a unique experience of the Land of Dreams.
Additionally, the classic omelette rice comes with a drawing performance.

In terms of cuisine, unique menus created with a pursuit of both deliciousness and affordability are prepared using original cooking methods.
Popular items include “Chicken Rice” reproducing the taste of an omelette rice specialty shop, and “Kumatan Hamburg” made with handmade hamburgers.
There is also a strong emphasis on ingredients, using a water purifier even for cooking water, ensuring both taste and safety.

Thus, not only in food and beverages but also in customer service, event planning, and cast education, Maidreamin strives from various angles to enhance the experience of the “Land of Dreams,” which is the secret to its popularity.

Providing a “Homey Feeling” in a Warm Atmosphere

Maidreamin’s interior is characterized by a warm, pink-themed design.
From the moment you step inside, you’re greeted by a cozy atmosphere.
In the brightly lit interior that incorporates natural light, the cuteness of the maid cast stands out even more.

While the overall interior design gives a soft impression, the charm lies in the space where you can relax.
You can fully enjoy moments of relaxation here.
The flagship store, the birthplace in Akihabara, is designed with the concept of “a home you want to return to,” pursuing such comfort.

From the seating area, you can overlook the live stage installed in the store.
Being able to enjoy glamorous performances by cute maids up close is also a high point.
Since events using the stage are held regularly, a fresh experience unique to maid cafes awaits.

Each store has its own concept, allowing you to experience different atmospheres, but what remains common is the warm atmosphere. If you visit with friends or family, a space where you can relax and unwind should be waiting for you.

Wrapped in a sweet interior dominated by pink, you can experience extraordinary moments while enjoying the heartwarming hospitality of the cast.
Such is the entrance to the Land of Dreams awaiting you.

Special Live Performances by Maids

One of Maidreamin’s charms is the live performances available at all stores.
From the stage installed in the store, the maid cast members will perform songs and dances for you.
Their glamorous performances in cute costumes are truly unique to the Land of Dreams.

There are various ways to enjoy the live performances.
Firstly, you can order the “Selfish Live Set” menu.
If you choose your favorite song, it will become a special live performance for you, the master or mistress. Even first-time visitors can easily order and experience the extraordinary atmosphere of the Land of Dreams.

Also, during the “Fun Live” held every two hours, you’ll be treated to a lineup of exciting performances for the day.
You might catch a glimpse of a side of the cast members that’s different from their usual customer service.
It’s also worth noting that all Maidreamin cast members can perform “Otagei” performances.

Maidreamin’s live events create an interactive experience where guests and cast members enjoy together, not just mere spectacles.
These moments are part of Maidreamin’s magic, embodying the essence of the Land of Dreams.
If you visit with your family or friends, you’re sure to have memorable moments unique to the Land of Dreams.

Uniforms that Level Up According to Serving Skills

Maidreamin’s uniforms are not just uniforms; they symbolize the growth and roles of each maid cast member.
The attire worn by the cast reflects their experience, skill level, and level of responsibility, serving as an indicator of the service quality they provide to visiting guests.

During the apprentice period, maid cast members wear the “Regular Uniform” which is characteristic while they learn basic serving skills.
Once they meet certain criteria and pass the serving test, they level up to the “Happiness Uniform.”
This attire symbolizes the foundation laid and marks the beginning of further growth for the maid cast.

As they acquire more advanced serving skills and their individuality begins to emerge, they earn the “Master Ribbon” or the “Management Master Badge,” donning attire that symbolizes leadership along with the satisfaction of achievement.
The “Dream Uniform” and “Legend Uniform” are worn by leader casts and employee casts respectively, embodying professionalism along with a heightened sense of responsibility.

The kitchen cast members also have their own unique uniform system, demonstrating their specialization and growth.
The green, red, and black scarves represent the roles and skill levels of each cast member, showcasing their responsibilities and expertise in the kitchen.

In addition, seasonal limited edition Dream Uniforms have become particularly popular among repeat customers.

Maidreamin’s uniforms change as cast members grow, serving as a clever mechanism to embody their career and skill levels.

Maidreamin’s Pricing and Menu

At Maidreamin, we offer a system where customers can enjoy their visit by paying both an entrance fee and food and beverage charges.
For adults, the entrance fee is 880 yen, for middle and high school students it’s 550 yen, for elementary school students it’s 330 yen (with ice cream), and preschoolers are free (with ice cream).
An equal entrance fee and food and beverage charges apply per hour, and the same goes for extensions.
After 10 p.m., there’s a last entry fee of 2,200 yen (with one drink included).

In the dining menu, we offer dishes excellently balanced in nutrition, such as deeply roasted coffee made from 100% Arabica beans and dishes made with fresh vegetables.
Popular menu items include Chicken Rice and Omelette Rice cooked with Maidreamin’s original demi-glace sauce in exquisite seasoning.

For the Kumatan Hamburg, hand-kneaded hamburgers from the same group’s Meat Winery are used, ensuring a tender texture by prepping every morning and cooking slowly.
In some stores, Sapporo’s “Perfect Black Label” draft beer is also available.

We also prioritize the maintenance of cooking utensils and hygiene management, collaborating with maid cast members to pursue both deliciousness and affordability, and always striving to provide the “most delicious” dishes in a maid café.

*All prices include tax.

Omelette Rice
Plain omelet rice 1,265 yen
Rice omelet with demi-glace sauce 1,430 yen
Mentaiko sauce omelette rice 1,430 yen
Omu rice with curry sauce 1,430 yen
Tomato chili sauce omu-rice 1,430 yen
Gutago no Kumatan omelette rice 1,980 yen

hamburger steak
Kumatanburg 1,430 yen

Bear Tan Curry 1,430 yen
Chick-tan Curry 1,430 yen

Meat sauce 1,430 yen
Carbonara 1,430 yen
Arrabbiata 1,430 yen

Usa-chan parfait in the shade of a forest tree (strawberry) 950 yen
Legendary Kumatan Parfait (chocolate) 950 yen
Doggy parfait of justice (black tea, vanilla) 950 yen
Dreaming kitten parfait (vanilla) 950 yen
Healing Panda Parfait (green tea, vanilla) 950 yen
Pancake (milk/cocoa/matcha) 1,210 yen

Snacks & Salads
Assorted sausages 935 yen
Teppan yakisoba 770 yen
Teppan gyoza (dumplings) 605 yen
Caesar salad 770 yen
Torakara 825 yen
Takoyaki/Russian Takoyaki 770 yen
Fried octopus 660 yen
French fries 660 yen
Tataki cucumber 605 yen
Edamame (green soybeans) 605 yen
Potato chips 605 yen
Mixed nuts 605 yen
Tako-kara Ponzu 660 yen
Yakitsuki cabbage 605 yen
Torakara 825 yen
Tatura-tora 935 yen

Soft drink
LOVE Kakuterimin alcoholic 1,320 yen
LOVE Kakute Rimin non-alcoholic 1,320 yen
LOVE Rimin float 1,100 yen
Cappuccino with handsome latte art (HOT) 780 yen
Cafe latte (iced/hot) 780 yen
Cafe mocha (iced/hot) 780 yen
Matcha green tea au lait (iced/hot) 670 yen
Iced coffee 670 yen
Hot coffee 670 yen
Coke 670 yen
Melon Soda 670 yen
Ginger ale 670 yen
Orange juice 670 yen
Apple juice 670 yen
Grapefruit juice 670 yen
White Water 670 yen
Oolong tea 670 yen
Iced tea 670 yen
Hot tea 670 yen
Iced milk tea 670 yen
Hot milk tea 670 yen
Iced cocoa 670 yen
Hot cocoa 670 yen

Draft beer 858 yen
Draft beer (large beer mug) 1,320 yen
Non-alcoholic beer 858 yen
Nama-Shiborimin Sour 935 yen
Angel highball 825 yen
Devil’s beer cocktail 858 yen
Corona 880 yen
Whiskey 825 yen
Shochu (Kurokirishima, Tantakatan) 770 yen
Umeshu (plum wine) 825 yen
Japanese sake 770 yen
Red and white wine by the glass 825 yen
Various sours 825
yenVarious cocktails 880 yen

Maidreamin Akihabara Main Store Reviews

Below is a summary of reviews of Maidreamin Akihabara Main Store found online.
Many favorable reviews indicate a high level of satisfaction.

"The rabbit-shaped omelette rice drawn by the maids was the cutest in the world."
"The friendly greetings from the maids made for a very enjoyable time."
"The food is delicious, especially the omelette rice."
"The parfait was voluminous and satisfying in both taste and appearance."
"The fan service during the live performance was amazing."
"In the cheki photoshoot, there were various poses to choose from, making it a fun memory."
"The explanations for first-timers and the cozy atmosphere were reassuring."
"The rice and desserts were delicious, and I'd like to try different menus next time."
"Among the Akihabara area, it felt particularly clean, and the quality of the maids was high."
"Not only the taste of the food but also the maids' attentive service shone."
"I was impressed by the service in English and Korean for foreign tourists."
"The atmosphere became even better after the renovation, and it was very comfortable."

Starting with Maid Cafes, Begin with Maidreamin

Maidreamin has been a leading chain of maid cafes in Japan, driving the country’s maid cafe culture.
With a strong commitment to ingredients and high service quality from the maids, it is unrivaled in the industry.
Enjoy live performances and especially recommended for those experiencing maid cafes for the first time.
When you feel like visiting a maid cafe, why not experience the world of dreams at Maidreamin?


I confidently recommend Maid Cafes to those who are curious but haven’t taken the first step yet.

Store Information

Store NameMaidreamin Akihabara Main Store
Address6th Floor, Sumiyoshi Building, 3-16-17 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Access5-minute walk from JR Akihabara Station
1-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Suehirocho Station
Business HoursMon-Fri 11:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Sat-Sun, Holidays 10:30 AM – 11:00 PM
Regular HolidayOpen daily
SystemEntrance Fee (OPEN~20:00, Sunday/Holiday OPEN~CLOSE)
General: ¥880
Middle/High School Students: ¥550
Elementary School Students: ¥330 (with ice cream)
Children under Elementary School Age: Free (with ice cream)
Available with entrance fee + food and drink charges.
Payment MethodsCredit Card
Electronic Money
QR Code Payment
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