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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

The Maid Café “LOVE CARAT” is a popular maid café in Nipponbashi. Its theme is “A country inhabited by gem angels who guard the source of magic ‘gems’ and serve to assist heroes.” Adorable angels will greet you!

Come and see the lovely outfits worn by the angels!

Stepping into the shop, there’s an atmosphere as if graceful angels guarding gems are smiling to welcome you. Their costumes are of premium beauty.
Such lovely maid uniforms are designed by Caroline.
The attractive outfits maximize each maid’s charm, taking you to a different world. Frills, ribbons, headbands, and the latest trends are incorporated into these essential elements of maid uniforms. A corset that emphasizes the waistline and a gracefully swinging gingham check skirt are irresistibly charming. Wrapped in the allure of these outfits, your everyday life will surely turn into a happy dreamlike time!

Exquisitely Decorated Interior

The interior is a soothing space based on soft colors!
Adorable floors colored with gentle pink and pure white have shelves and menus carefully mounted on the walls, drawing attention to the meticulously designed details. Being in this space makes you feel surrounded by cuteness.♡
Furthermore, there’s a special studio in the back of the shop, wrapped in an atmosphere used for special rituals.
Being in such a meticulously designed interior gives you the sensation of being in another world!

Special Angel Cheki

Let’s capture the cute moments of your favorite angel forever✨
Unlike regular cheki, you can monopolize the smile of your angel.
Without two-shots, you get a special snapshot where the angel’s adorable expression stands out.

In the luxurious studio of “Love♡Carat”, create unique memories with you and your favorite that cannot be captured elsewhere. This secret studio is a special place not accessible to fans, making it all the more special.

And, the “Love♡Carat” angels’ YouTube channel, filmed in this studio, is about to start. A new video will bring you closer to the charm of your favorite. Let’s look forward to it!


Drink ¥700
Drawing Omurice ¥1300
Pancakes ¥900

Set Menu
Tutorial Set
All-you-can-drink (Alcohol +¥1000) + Drawing Omurice + Cheki with a maid

Moe-kyun Set
Men ¥3100, Women ¥2600 (charge included)
Original Cocktail & Bromide + Cheki with a maid

Store Information

Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Nipponbashi 4-17-17
Okura Building 1F
Official WebsiteOfficial Site
Operating HoursWeekdays………17:00〜23:00
Weekends and Holidays……15:00〜23:00
Pricing Information・Charge 1 hour Men ¥900, Women ¥400
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