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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

Our café is a traditional maid café where very cute maids greet you! With heartwarming smiles and hospitality, they ensure every visitor experiences a wonderful, unforgettable time.♪

Traditional Maid Outfits!

Our maids are dressed in adorable, traditional maid costumes as if they’ve stepped right out of a picture book! Each maid is assigned a member color that enhances her charm, which is incorporated as an accent color in their uniforms. This detailed coloring preserves the elegance of the traditional maid outfit while highlighting each maid’s cute personality!
Moreover, the member colors not only enhance the maids’ charm but also brighten the entire café with a lively and festive atmosphere!

The Café Spans Three Floors!

The café spans from the first to the third floor, offering a spacious area that can accommodate large groups. The interior is based on a clean white theme, exuding a refined atmosphere. However, each floor has its own unique personality, and attention to detail can be seen in the design of the chairs and walls. Every visit promises the excitement of seeing which floor you’ll be guided to.

Moreover, each floor is equipped with large screens that span the walls, allowing everyone to enjoy visuals and performances from any seat. These screens play a crucial part in enhancing the charm of the café, making the entire venue an entertainment space designed to offer everyone a special experience.

Enjoy Songs and Dance!

In our café, the maids work hard at practicing singing and dancing to provide a fun time for masters and mistresses. The result of their practice is showcased in live performances at the café. Many people are captivated by the maids’ beautiful singing and cute dancing. Please come and make some wonderful memories with the maids.


Chick Chick Rice ¥1,100
Puppy Curry Delight ¥1,100
Moe Moe Pink Curry ♥ ~Pure Lali∞Cure Lali Magic Spell~ ¥1,100
Maid’s Ribbon Headband Cake ¥850
Young Lady Sundae ¥850
Young Master Sundae ¥850
Slightly Bitter Unrequited Love ♥ Parfait ¥850
Fluffy Toy Poodle ♥ Cake ¥850

[Soft Drinks]
Maid’s Drawing ♪ Hot Mocha Latte ¥780
Maid’s Drawing ♪ Hot Caramel Latte ¥780
Maid’s Drawing ♪ Hot Matcha Latte ¥780
Hot Blend Coffee ¥670
Hot American Coffee ¥670
Espresso ¥670
Café au lait ¥670
Hot Cocoa ¥670
Vienna Coffee ¥670
Milk ¥670
Earl Grey Tea ¥730
Assam Tea ¥730
Jasmine Tea ¥730
Oolong Tea ¥730
Caramel Tea ¥730
Muscat Tea ¥730
Rooibos Tea ¥730
Shake Shake Mix Juice ¥840
Maid’s Drawing ♪ Icy Mocha Latte ¥780
Maid’s Drawing ♪ Icy Caramel Latte ¥780
Maid’s Drawing ♪ Icy Matcha Latte ¥780
Icy Coffee ¥670
Icy Café au lait ¥670
Icy Tea ¥670
Icy Milk ¥670
Icy Cocoa ¥670
Black Fizz ¥670
Cola ¥670
Green Fizz ¥670
Melon Soda ¥670
Clear Fizz ¥670
Sprite ¥670
Orange Juice ¥670
Oolong Tea ¥670
Calpico ¥670

Maid’s Original Cocktail ¥1,120
Shaken Beer ¥900
Cassis Soda ¥900
Cassis Orange ¥900
Screwdriver ¥900
Campari Soda ¥900
Campari Orange ¥900
Kahlua Milk ¥900
Highball ¥900
Plum Wine on the Rocks ¥900
Plum Wine Soda ¥900
Japanese Sake ¥900
Non-alcoholic Beer ¥900

[Drink Course] ¥1,540
Your choice of soft drink
Photo with a maid

[Dessert Course] ¥2,270
Your choice of soft drink
Your choice of dessert
Photo with a maid

[Food Course] ¥2,520
Your choice of soft drink
Your choice of food
Photo with a maid

[Full Course] ¥3,370
Your choice of soft drink
Your choice of food
Your choice of dessert
Photo with a maid

Store Information

Address〒556-0005 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, Naniwa Ward, Nipponbashi 4-9-13 SEM Building
Official WebsiteOfficial Site
SNSTwitter Instagram
Operating HoursMon 10:00 ~ 22:00
Tue Closed
Wed 10:00 ~ 22:00
Thu 16:00 ~ 22:00
Fri 10:00 ~ 22:00
Sat 10:00 ~ 22:00
Sun 10:00 ~ 22:00
※L.O. 21:20
Pricing InformationDiscounted entrance fees for students, masters, mistresses, and children.
Adults ¥780
Over 60s ¥450
University/College students ¥670
High school students ¥560
Elementary/Junior High students ¥450
Under elementary school
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