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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

This time, let me introduce you to “Ank crest !” Ank Crest is a maid cafe located in Minami 1-jo, Central Ward, Sapporo, known for being operated by a maid. The interior is decorated with figures that anime and game fans would adore, and you are welcomed by staff dressed in maid outfits!

Girls and Attire

In this shop, the characteristic maid outfits are basic black and white, clean, and elegant. The simple yet sophisticated design of the maid outfits worn by the staff will surely catch the eye of the visitors.
Also, special costumes appear for events, so it’s recommended to check the store’s Twitter and other social media for the latest event information. Special costumes often change according to the season and theme of the event, and you might discover new attractions each time you visit.

Interior Impression

The interior is decorated with bright blue and pink wallpaper, creating a cheerful atmosphere for visitors! Along the walls are various figures arranged, which might be particularly interesting for those who love anime, games, and manga. Each figure provides various topics of conversation for visitors.
Also, because of the counter style, it’s perfect for relaxing while watching the maids, and great for spending enjoyable time with friends or family!

Point Card

When you visit “Ank crest -アンククレスト-,” each master is issued a point card.
Points are given at 1 point per 1,000 yen spent, and accumulating points can get you various services! There is no expiration date on the points themselves, but if you lose the point card, you have to start over, so keep it safe!
When a certain number of points are accumulated, “the master’s rank” increases, and you can get special privileges.

▼Point Rewards
30 points: “One free soft drink (from the second one onwards).”
60 points: “Free group Polaroid photo with a maid.”
White Rank 60 points x 1 book “Original Strap” gift
Bronze Rank 60 points x 3 books “Original Can Badge” gift
Silver Rank 60 points x 5 books Polaroid always 200 yen off!
Gold Rank 60 points x 8 books Polaroid always 400 yen off!
Platinum Rank 60 points x 13 books Weekday charge half price!
Black Rank 60 points x 20 books Weekday charge free!
Super Black Rank Permanent Master!


【Main Dishes】
Omelette Rice with Drawing 900 yen
Mixed Pasta 900 yen
Bolognese 900 yen
Crab Tomato Cream Sauce 900 yen
Eggplant Arrabbiata 900 yen
Mushroom Cream Sauce 900 yen
Genovese 900 yen
Drawing Curry Rice (Medium Spicy) 800 yen
Egg Topped Soy Sauce Beef Bowl 730 yen
Charcoal Grilled Chicken Bowl 700 yen
Hot Mapo Tofu Bowl 700 yen
Loco Moco with Demi-glace Sauce 730 yen
【Single Items】
Charcoal Grilled Chicken Thigh & Tsukune Each 5 Pieces 680 yen
Hot Chicken Nuggets 500 yen
Four Sausages 500 yen
Edamame 400 yen
Mixed Nuts 400 yen
Daily Cake 600 yen
Bunny Parfait 600 yen
Bear Pancake 600 yen
Mini Ice Cream 300 yen

Loving Ice Coffee 600 yen
Tsundere Calpis 600 yen
Mixed Ice Cafe Latte 600 yen
Hokkaido Limited Ribbon Napolin 600 yen
Millpis 600 yen
Ice Cocoa 600 yen
Daily Ice Tea 600 yen
Oolong Tea 600 yen
Emerald Splash 600 yen
Coca-Cola 600 yen
Orange Juice 600 yen
Grapefruit Juice 600 yen
Ginger Ale (Spicy & Sweet) 600 yen

Hot Coffee 600 yen
Whipped Cocoa 600 yen
Hot Milk 600 yen
Drawing Cappuccino 600 yen
Drawing Chocochino 600 yen
Drawing Matcha Latte 600 yen
Drawing Latte Macchiato 600 yen

Shenron Pot Tea 700 yen
(Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Daily Flavor)

Premium Malts (Small Bottle) 700 yen
Super Dry (Small Bottle) 700 yen
Corona Extra 700 yen
Black Label (Medium Bottle) 750 yen

Yamazaki 12 Years 1,200 yen
Hakushu 900 yen
Jack Daniel’s 700 yen
Wild Turkey 8 Years 700 yen
Suntory Old 700 yen

Cassis Soda 700 yen
Cassis Oolong 700 yen
Cassis Back 700 yen
Cassis Milk 700 yen
Campari Orange 700 yen
Campari Soda 700 yen
Spumoni 700 yen
Fuzzy Navel 700 yen
Kuyanyan 700 yen
Peach Soda 700 yen
Peach Back 700 yen
Gin Tonic 700 yen
Gin Back 700 yen
Gin Rock 700 yen
Rum Coke 700 yen
Rum Ginger 700 yen
Screwdriver 700 yen
Moscow Mule 700 yen
Tequila Sunrise 700 yen
Tekonic 700 yen
Shirayukihime 700 yen
Shandy Gaff 700 yen
Cassis Beer 700 yen
Campari Beer 700 yen
Coke Beer 700 yen
Plum Wine (On the Rocks/Water/Soda) 700 yen

Ripple Ripple (Overdrive) Highball 700 yen
Golden Saint (Gold Saint) Ginger Highball 700 yen
Dark Magic Knight (Ankoku Makai Kishi) Coke High 700 yen

【Moe Moe Shake COCKTAIL】
Cassis Orange 700 yen
Cassis Grape 700 yen
Fuzzy Navel 700 yen
Kahlua Milk 700 yen
Matcha Milk 700 yen
Banana Milk 700 yen
Strawberry Milk 700 yen

Store Information

AddressSapporo City, Chuo Ward, Minami 2-jo Nishi 1-chome, Dai-ni Kowa Building 3F
Official SiteOfficial Website
SNSTwitter Youtube Facebook Ameba Blog
Business HoursMon-Thur 16:00-23:00
Fri-Sat and day before holidays 16:00-3:00
Sun and holidays 15:00-23:00
Pricing InfoCafe: 30 minutes 400 yen (Extension 15 minutes 200 yen)
Bar: 30 minutes 500 yen (Extension 15 minutes 250 yen)
*Bar time from 23:00
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