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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

This time, I am introducing “HANAYOI,” a concept café bar where the beauty of the courtesan era is revived in modern times! The concept here is “Cute Courtesans of the Reiwa Era.” Tonight, under the fully blooming cherry blossoms, we await both lords and princesses.

Girls and Outfits

The staff are dressed in cute kimonos, inspired by traditional courtesans, featuring colorful floral patterns that captivate onlookers. In particular, the courtesan outfits incorporate maid-style white frills, blending pure Japanese tradition with a new style of kimono. The fusion of old Japanese beauty with modern cuteness is wonderfully harmonized. The sight of the staff serving in these outfits is like a beautiful painting, enhancing the ambiance of the venue.

Interior Impression

The décor of this shop is based on the concept of an opulent brothel, with luxurious decorations that perfectly fit the description “gorgeously lavish.” Upon entering, golden-decorated furniture and accessories catch your eye, providing an indulgent experience not commonly found in everyday life. The shop is filled with amusement elements, offering guests an extraordinary experience. The meticulous interior and lighting, decorated with weeping cherry blossoms, create a fantastical atmosphere that transports visitors to an otherworldly realm. More than just drinking, every aspect of the experience is designed to be a visual delight, turning each moment into a special memory.

Point Rewards

For every 666 yen spent on food and drink, receive one stamp! There’s apparently no expiration date for the points, so get your card on your first visit and start collecting!

1: Free original cocktail
2: Free Cheki (instant photo)
3: 1000 yen off your bill
4: Free large Cheki
5: Free message card
6: Free 30-minute extension on all-you-can-drink
7: Free harem Cheki
8: Free bromide with message
9: Free 1-hour all-you-can-drink
10: Free mini champagne
11: 1500 yen off your bill
12: Free Purikura with message
13: Cheers with all the courtesans
14: Free original Cheki book
15: 2000 yen off your bill
16: Letter & champagne from a courtesan


Over 50 varieties available for all-you-can-drink!! The food menu includes specialty items like dumplings, Imagawayaki, and special omelet rice, all crafted with care! We also offer original champagne with the HANAYOI logo!

Soft drinks include:
Green Tea
Oolong Tea
Jasmine Tea
Milk Tea
Iced Tea
Apple Juice
Pine Juice
Strawberry Milk
Café au Lait
Melon Soda
Ginger Ale
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Pine Juice

Alcohol includes:
*Add beer for an additional 30 minutes +200 yen
Plum Wine
Lemon Sour
Orange Sour
Apple Sour
Pine Sour
Grapefruit Sour
Cassis Oolong
Cassis Orange
Cassis Pine
Cassis Grape
Peach Oolong
Peach Orange
Peach Apple
Peach Pine
Peach Milk
Campari Orange
Campari Oolong
Campari Pine
Lychee Orange
Malibu Orange
Malibu Pine
Malibu Milk
Passoa Orange
Passoa Grape
Passoa Pine
Passoa Milk
Strawberry Orange
Strawberry Milk
Tequila Orange

Store Information

AddressSapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 4-jo Nishi 3-chome 1-1, Third Green Building 7F
WebsiteOfficial Site
SNSTwitter Instagram
Business Hours20:00–6:00
Pricing InformationAll-you-can-drink prices:
◎60 minutes
・Lords: 2,200 currency
・Princesses: 1,800 currency

◎30-minute extension
・Lords: 1,200 currency
・Princesses: 900 currency

*Add gold foam to all-you-can-drink
30 minutes +200 currency

Service charge: 10%
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