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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

This time, I am introducing “Maid Cafe AntiqueCafe” in Sapporo. Since its opening in 2011, it has been a beloved maid cafe in Sapporo, cherished by locals and many visitors alike.
Even as it enters its 13th year, its popularity shows no signs of waning!

Authentic Maid Cafe Uniforms!

The formal attire worn by the maids at this shop features classical maid uniforms with striking red ribbons. The costumes, based on black and white aprons and uniforms, are adorned with charming frills, epitomizing the quintessential maid cafe uniform. When you visit, be sure to admire their beautiful outfits.

Additionally, AntiqueCafe regularly hosts various events, and the maids change into special costumes tailored to each event. The opportunity to see different special outfits matching seasonal events and anniversaries is one of the charms of this maid cafe.
With each event offering a different atmosphere, every visit promises new discoveries!

Enjoy in a Gorgeous White Space!

The shop, marked by a pure white door and sign as if leading to a wonderland, instantly draws visitors into an extraordinary atmosphere.
The interior, dominated by white with touches of yellow for warmth, exudes cleanliness and elegance.
The furniture and lights are antique and luxurious, contributing to the pure and graceful ambiance!

For those looking to spend a calm and relaxing time, this maid cafe is the perfect place.
The meticulously designed interior and the warm hospitality of the maids are sure to soothe and refresh all visitors!

Taste Authentic Medicinal Herb Curry!

One of the charms of Sapporo Maid Cafe AntiqueCafe is its unique menu, particularly the authentic medicinal herb curry!
This curry, with a blend of several spices and hearty ingredients, is served over heart-shaped rice. It’s a perfect, energizing dish to combat the cold Hokkaido winters.

In addition to the regular menu, AntiqueCafe also offers exquisite seasonal dishes.
The changing menu with each season keeps attracting repeat visitors, always offering something new to discover.
Why not spend a graceful time enjoying the dishes meticulously prepared by the maids?

Store Information

AddressHokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 3-jo Nishi 2-chome, Tanuki Koji Arcade 4F
Official SiteOfficial Site
Business Hours14:00~22:00
Irregular holidays
Pricing Info【Cafe Time】 14:00~19:00
Master – First 30 minutes 400 yen, every additional 15 minutes 200 yen
Lady – First 30 minutes 300 yen, every additional 15 minutes 150 yen

【Bar Time】19:00~22:00
Master – First 30 minutes 500 yen, every additional 15 minutes 250 yen
Lady – First 30 minutes 400 yen, every additional 15 minutes 200 yen

One drink mandatory
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