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This is Kororoski, who enjoys visiting con cafes!
I would like to introduce a café based on the concept of those nostalgic days, just a 3-minute walk from the North Exit of Ikebukuro Station.

Can we go back in time to those days?

Do you know a café with the concept of cute, nostalgic, and warm at the north exit of Ikebukuro Station?
When you go down the stairs and open the door, you will find yourself in a nostalgic place with dark brown vintage-style flooring and a retro interior that will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. The retro interior design will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time. You can spend a relaxing time in a nostalgic atmosphere. You can really immerse yourself in a nostalgic and warm feeling. Also, if you order the special coffee on the menu, carefully selected beans are ground and brewed in front of you one cup at a time. It is also a real coffee shop, so it is really recommended for those who want to enjoy a good cup of coffee.
You may want to visit again and again, because you will feel that the present day is good, but those days were good too.
This store is open from 9:00 a.m., so it is recommended to visit before work or on your day off to relax and enjoy a special time in the morning. Please spend a relaxing time in a place where you can coexist with many memories, such as “I used to go to a coffee shop in the mornings back in those days.

The old-fashioned waitress uniform

The girls’ uniforms were also nice, with red waitress costumes in retro costumes that fit well with the atmosphere of the restaurant. The uniforms are said to be inspired by the image of a diner. The cast of waitresses make the retro space even more inviting and comfortable. The uniforms look great on them, probably because the cast members have very high deviation values for their faces. They are so cute that even I, a woman, could not help but fall in love with them. I lost track of time eating sweets while thinking how nice it would be to be able to wear a cute waitress uniform like this, so please be careful with your time management.
The retro space with cute girls and nostalgic atmosphere will make you feel strange, so when you feel like reminiscing about the old days, you should definitely step in.

fee system

FREE DRINK 2,400 yen per hour
SP coffee, SP cocktails and shots are extra.
Women: -900 yen

Bring your own food and drinks 1,000 yen

Please note that there is an automatic extension system.

Food Menu

Fruit sandwiches 500 yen
Strawberry aisu 600 yen
Pizza Toast 800 yen
Soup 400 yen
Pasta 1,300 yen
Omelette rice 1,300 yen
Pancakes 1,300 yen
Edamame (green soybeans) 400 yen
Mixed nuts 400 yen
Assorted snacks 400 yen

Store Information

Shop NameAnokoro Memories (Morning and Afternoon)
AddressAoi Building 2nd B1F, 1-34-5 Nishi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Access3 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station North Exit
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Business Hours09:00 – 19:00
Regular HolidaysClosed on Mondays
Price Range3000 yen and up
Payment MethodsCredit Cards Accepted
QR Code Payment Not Available
Seating Capacity
Group Usage
Wifi/Wireless LAN
Official Website
Official SNSTwitter\_ikb

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