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Mr. Pencil
Mr. Pencil

This time, I will introduce “Fallen Angel Maid Themed Concept Café Paralos~Paradise Lost~.” This is a concept cafe themed around fallen angels and the lost paradise, offering services that lead adults to temptation. If you want to add some excitement to your daily life, definitely give it a visit!

Fallen Angel Maid Uniforms

The gothic maid uniforms worn by the fallen angel maids are characterized by their distinctive black and white design, with a white frilly apron and mini skirt. The design is simple yet intricate in detail. The white frills enhance the elegance and cuteness of the wearer. Due to the mini skirt, the subtle reveal of the absolute territory adds a seductive and voluptuous impression, highlighting the individuality of the wearer. This cute yet seductive mix of attire is an exclusive benefit for girls who order a photo, so ladies, don’t hesitate to ask for one!

The Garden of Lost Paradise

The interior is designed with black furniture and wallpaper, creating an exotic atmosphere. Purple indirect lighting at the floor level colors the black space with shades of purple, giving a club-like, voluptuous impression. On the other hand, the interior lit in red invigorates the entire space, lifting the spirits of its visitors. This unique lighting adds colorful accents to the space harmonized in black and purple, enhancing the dynamism of the environment!

Decorations of apples seen throughout the cafe symbolize the theme of the forbidden fruit from Adam and Eve’s lost paradise—Paradise Lost. These decorations provide unity and meaning to the space as symbols of mystique and allure, tempting those who visit.

What is the Black Angel Coin?

The “Black Angel Coin,” as its name suggests, features the black and gold logo of Paralos. These coins serve as a token of appreciation from the fallen angel maids and symbolize the special bond between customers and the maids.

These coins can be obtained by ordering specific drinks. Thus, customers can enjoy their favorite drinks while also having the fun of collecting Black Angel Coins. Furthermore, the perks obtained by collecting these coins are more than just services!

Once a certain number of coins are collected, they can be exchanged for benefits such as “Photo Booth Dates” or “Dining Dates.” These dates offer special moments with the fallen angel maids beyond the regular services of the cafe, allowing you to take fun photos or enjoy a delicious meal together.


Omelette rice with ketchup imprint by Fallen Angel Maid 800 yen
Persimmon seeds 500 yen
Potato chips 600 yen
Beef jerky 800 yen

Ginger Ale
Grapefruit Juice
Oolong Tea
Green Tea
Orange Juice
Ginger Highball
Coke Highball
Whiskey on the Rocks
Whiskey Water
Lychee Orange
Lychee Grapefruit
Lychee Oolong
Lychee Soda
Gin Tonic
Gin Back
Campari Soda
Campari Orange
Campari Grapefruit
Campari Oolong
Moscow Mule
Lemon Sour
Lime Sour
Grape Sour
Calpis Sour
Plum Wine Sour
Malibu Milk
Malibu Orange
Oolong High
Glass Wine (Red, White)
Green High
Cassis Orange
Cassis Oolong
Cassis Grapefruit
Cassis Soda
Peach Oolong
Peach Soda
Fuzzy Navel
Matcha Milk
Kahlua Milk
Paradise Lost
Asahi Super Dry (Medium Bottle)
Shochu Water
Shochu on the Rocks
Plum Wine on the Rocks
Plum Wine Soda
Plum Wine Ginger
Plum Wine Water

Jäger 700 yen
Kleiner 900 yen
Tequila 800 yen
Cocabomb 1,200 yen
Tequila Rose 900 yen

【Shot Sets】
11 pieces – Price of 10 shots
17 pieces – Price of 15 shots ‘includes 1 coin’
23 pieces – Price of 20 shots ‘includes 1 coin’
36 pieces – Price of 30 shots ‘includes 2 coins’

Café Paris 5,000 yen
Asti 8,000 yen
Listel 12,000 yen ‘includes 1 coin’
Paralos~Paradise Lost~ Original Champagne 15,000 yen ‘includes 2 coins’
Bottega Various Colors 17,000 yen ‘includes 1 coin’
Mabam Various Colors 19,000 yen ‘includes 2 coins’
Moët Chandon White 22,000 yen ‘includes 2 coins’
Moët Chandon Rosé 25,000 yen ‘includes 2 coins’
Moët Chandon Nectar 32,000 yen ‘includes 3 coins’
Bottega Stella 37,000 yen ‘includes 4 coins’
Bottega Stardust 50,000 yen ‘includes 5 coins’
Pressure 70,000 yen ‘includes 7 coins’
Dom Pérignon 80,000 yen ‘includes 8 coins’
Dom Pérignon Rosé 110,000 yen ‘includes 11 coins’
Armand Gold 120,000 yen ‘includes 12 coins’
Armand Rosé 220,000 yen ‘includes 25 coins’
Armand Green 250,000 yen ‘includes 30 coins’
Angel Black 120,000 yen ‘includes 15 coins’
Angel White 170,000 yen ‘includes 20 coins’
Angel Demi-Sec Blue 180,000 yen ‘includes 20 coins’
Angel 5th Anniversary 200,000 yen ‘includes 23 coins’
Angel Demi-Sec Pink 230,000 yen ‘includes 25 coins’
Angel White Day Edition 240,000 yen ‘includes 27 coins’
Angel Valentine Edition 330,000 yen ‘includes 37 coins’
Angel Vintage Gold 450,000 yen ‘includes 50 coins’
Angel Vintage Pink 570,000 yen ‘includes 65 coins’
Angel Vintage Purple GHOST IN THE SHELL SAC 770,000 yen ‘includes 90 coins’
Angel Egg 800,000 yen ‘includes 90 coins’

Sharme Up Apple 5,000 yen ‘includes 1 coin’
1688 12,000 yen ‘includes 2 coins’
Paralos~Paradise Lost~ Original Non-Alcoholic Champagne 15,000 yen ‘includes 2 coins’
Fillico 65,000 yen ‘includes 7 coins’
Sanrio Fillico 77,000 yen ‘includes 8 coins’
Glitter Fillico 95,000 yen ‘includes 10 coins’
Fillico Herbarium 110,000 yen ‘includes 15 coins’

Store Information

AddressHokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 5-jo Nishi 3-chome 8, N Grand Building 2F
SNSTwitter Instagram TikTok
Business Hours19:00–06:00
Pricing Info【Charge】

Men: 30 minutes 400 yen, one order system
Women: 30 minutes 300 yen, one order system
Soft drink 500 yen
Alcohol 600 yen
Beer (Medium Bottle) 700 yen

Fall Unlimited (All-you-can-drink)
Men: 60 minutes 2,400 yen, extension 30 minutes 1,300 yen
Women: 60 minutes 2,000 yen, extension 30 minutes 1,100 yen

Men: 60 minutes 2,600 yen, extension 30 minutes 1,400 yen
Women: 60 minutes 2,200 yen, extension 30 minutes 1,200 yen
*Bottle beer (Asahi) with an additional 30 minutes +200 yen
*Automatic extension system
*A service charge of 10% is applied to the prices listed
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